How to unlock any Android Phone

If you have to open the lock of your Android Phone, even if you lose the data without keeping it in it, then this article can help you a lot. Today we will tell you how to unlock any Android Phone? Without having to factory reset it.

Android Phone Unlock Technique

You have the option of Factory Reset; But many times we need to have the data stored in it safely back, so how to Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset 2021 with the help of this article, you can unlock  Android mobile easily. Read Also- Things to keep in mind before buying a old smartphone

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Android Phone Unlock

1. How to break pattern lock of mobile from backup pin

- When your Android Mobile Lock remains, you have to enter any PIN at the same time

- You can enter any wrong PIN, then a 30-second timer will come

- You have to repeat this process twice more

- After that, in the right corner you will get an option of 'Backup Pin'.

- In that you have to enter your Backup Pin and your Android Phone will be unlocked.

- To unlock your mobile with this method, you must have the Backup Pin, which you entered while setting your Pattern Lock.

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2. Break mobile lock with google account details

The same thing has to be done in this method also, after entering the wrong password for the third time, a pop-up appears on your screen that if you have forgotten the password, then your phone will be unlocked by entering your Google Account information.

If you click on 'Answer question', then the birthday entered in your Google account, the identity of any previously used device or any information entered by you, is asked, if you are being asked in it. If you know that, then you can go with that option, if you do not know then you will have to enter your Gmail ID and password. Then your Android Device will be unlocked.

3. How to break mobile lock with Android Device Manager

This method is mostly used when a phone is lost or stolen, but it can also be used to unlock an Android phone. Most Android phones have Android Device Manager 'Find My Device'. If you have used it before, then you must be aware that it has three options: Ring, Locate and Erase. All you have to do is log in to the Google account which is mobile paused, follow the steps given below -

- First of all you have to go to from any other mobile or computer and sign in with the same Google account.

- Now you have to select the Android device whose lock you want to open.

- After selecting the device, you have to click on Lock out of three options.

- Now a new pop-up window will open in front of you, in which you can set a New Password, enter a Recovery Message or even a Phone Number for an emergency you want to call.

- After entering the new password, you look back at your phone, now you have to enter the password that you have just set, and your Android Device will be unlocked.

4. Factory Reset without breaking the mobile lock by ADB

We can also unlock our phone using ADB (Android Debug Bridge) without doing factory reset. But one thing you should know is that it is a time consuming method and a bit complicated compared to other methods. To use this method, you must have a computer.

- First of all download ADB in your computer.

- After this, launch / run the installer and download the necessary Packeges into the computer.

- Now connect your Android Device with USB

- To connect, go to Settings then click Settings> About Phone> Build Number 7 times.

- After that go to Settings> Developer options and enable USB Debugging.

- Now if your Android Device is connected, then launch Command Prompt in the ADB on the computer (where you have placed all the Packeges).

- Then type this command.

- ADB shell rm /data/system/gesture.key Then press Enter

- Finally, restart your Andriod Device and use it.

5. How to break the lock of mobile without losing data

If you have seen all the above tricks, then your Android Phone is not unlocked, then you will have to factory reset your Android Device, do not panic! Your data will be safe in mobile only. If Android's Lolipop Version 5.1 is installed in your mobile, then only with this method you will be able to unlock your Android device.

Even after doing Factory Reset in Android 5.1 to later versions, your phone's back up is saved and you can restore it after Factory Reset. In this method, you -

- First power off your Android device, then move the phone to Recovery Mode

- If you do not know how to go to Recovery Mode?

- For this, write the recovery mode along with your mobile name and its model number, search in Google, you will know.

- After going into Recovery Mode, go to wipe data / factory reset with the help of volume button

- Now go to the option in which yes delete all user data is written and press the power button

- Now wait until your phone is restarted.

- After restart, click on the arrow below the Welcome.

- After this you have to connect to a Wi-Fi network and click on Next.

- Right after this you will get the option of Restore,

- Restore your phone and use it as before

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to open Android Phone lock with Google Account?

Ans - For this you have to follow these steps

First of all you have to go to com/android/devicemanager from a mobile or computer.

Then sign in your Google Account which is also in the Locked Device.

Now in the ADM interface, you have to select the device that you want to unlock, now click on Lock and set a new password.

Unlock your Android device with the same password.

2. How to remove a forgotten password in Android Phone?

Ans. - With the help of a Professional Tool, you can remove the forgotten password from your phone. One tool for this is Android Unlock. With this help you can remove the lock of your Android phone without Losing Data. This tool is quite useful, so that no matter what is locked - Pattern, Password, Pin, Face Lock can unlock everyone.

3. How to break the lock of Samsung Mobile without Factory Reset

If you are also a Samsung user and you also have this problem that how to unlock Samsung Android Phone password without losing data? So there is a tremendous trick for you, so that you can unlock your phone without losing data and Factory Reset. For this, you have to have a Samsung Account.

- First of all you have to go to and log in with your Samsung Account.

- Now click on the icon of Lock My Screen and enter any new PIN.

- Then click on Lock. After some time your phone password will change to the new password you have set and your device will be unlocked.

4.How to Unlock LG Phone Password?

Ans - There are many solutions for this problem as well, you can use professional tools like Android Unlock or you can also use ADB Command, Google Account or Costom Recovery (SD Card required). You can also factory reset to unlock.

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