Android 12 announced in Google I/O 2021, know how much your phone will change

At the Google I / O 2021 Event, the company lifted the curtain from Android 12 OS. In comparison to Android 11, users will get new features and much better safety. In the latest version of Android, the company's focus is more on the safety and security of users' data.

There will be many major changes in android 12. The new Android will get a big lock screen clock. The quick setting has been redesigned, in which you will find many new things. Notifications will appear larger on the lock screen.

There will be many major changes in android 12. The new Android will get a big lock screen clock. Quick setting is redesigned, where you will find many new things
Android 12 launch in Google I/O event

Google Assistant feature will now be available by long pressing the power button. In Quick Settings, you will find a large button and home control, Google Wallet. The company has said that engineers have done a great job in Android 12 for smooth performance. In this, users will get much faster performance than before.

New privacy dash board

Google is coming with a new privacy dash board in Android 12, which will tell you which apps have access to your phone. Access to Google apps will also be available in this dashboard. You will also be able to change access.

High Standard Security, Privacy and Safety

Google has said that the data of users in Android 12 will be more secure. It will get high standard security, privacy and safety.

Biggest update to WEAR OS

At the Google I / O 2021 Event, the legendary tech company also introduced a new version of Wear OS. It will get a unified platform with Samsung. In the case of computing, the next change will be in the form of smartwatches. Google is bringing together Wear OS and Samsung's Tizen OS. Samsung executive said that we are bringing the capabilities of the Galaxy Watch on a platform with Google. The new Samsung Galaxy Watch has also been announced at the event, but not much information has been received about it. This watch will work on Tizen Wear OS.

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