5G trials to be started soon in India, 13 companies got approval

Trials for 5G services will begin soon in the country. The Department of Telecommunication and the Government of India have approved 5G trials to telecom service providers. A total of 13 companies have received approval, including Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone-Idea and MTNL. The special thing is that there is not a single Chinese company in them. The telecom department has clearly stated that they have kept Chinese vendors away from trials. There was talk of 5G for a long time and many mobile companies have also launched their 5G phones in India.

The Government of India has allowed the trial of 5G networks to telecom companies. They do not include any Chinese company
5g trials approved in India

For telecom service providers who have received trials, they have partnered with original equipment manufacturers and technology providers ie Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and C-DOT. At the same time, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited has said to use its own technology. Reliance Jio has said that they will develop an indigenous 5G network and it will be developed in India itself, which will be completely based on Made in India and self-sufficient India. At the same time, Airtel had confirmed a successful 5G testing on commercial network in Hyderabad and said that their network is 5G ready.

Currently, 6 months has been given for the trials. It also includes 2 months time for equipment purchase and installation. The government has also made it clear that every telecom company will have to test in rural and semi-urban settings apart from urban settings so that all the people across the country get the benefit of 5G technology and it should not be limited to urban areas only. 

Let us tell you that according to the data of last year, 5G networks are available in 378 cities in 34 countries of the world. Of these, 5G service already exists in 85 cities in South Korea, 57 cities in China, 50 in the US and 31 cities in the UK. At a time when the government is pushing to make India a global manufacturing hub with its Make in India campaign, they need to accelerate the expansion of the 5G network.

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