What is an eSIM card? how does it works?

eSIM is a hardware part soldering directly in our mobile, while eUICC is a software technology. Which provides remote sim provisioning facility. With which you can remotely change the profiles of your carriers.

For tech lovers, technology is like a romance that never gets old. eSIM is also a link to this technological development.

What is eSIM

But the thrill of knowing the new technology increases when the technology shows the presence of non-attendance. Yes, eSIM is also the same. Unless we forget Physical SIM.

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Let us start to learn something about it seriously now.

eSIM stands for Embedded Subscriber Identity Module. It is being promoted by GSMA. GSM means Global System for Mobile Communication. GSM is an international body representing network operators.

GSM is the body responsible for deciding the telecommunication framework for around 800+ mobile operators in the world.

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eSIM ie Embedded SIM is a technology to use a virtual sim card instead of a physical sim card. It is a digital sim in a way that is programmable.

Its size is 60 times smaller than the Nano SIM card. So it is basically a chip rather than a SIM card. Phone-making companies give it in-built only in mobile phones.

It can also be called eUICC ie Embedded Universal integrated circuit card. Because it provides universal support for network carriers. This is mainly a circuit card which is fixed by soldering directly into the mobiles.

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It has a silicone chip which stores Confidential data or Subscription details in a Secure software in your Phones / Devices.

For example, in the European Union, it is also being used inside cars, which provides for Police Assistance (eCall) facility in an emergency like situation.

Our old SIM cards, which are still running, will be completely replaced by eSIM in the coming times. Because companies will now use this technology to save space in smartphones.

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This will help to make the phones more slim and waterproof as there will be no need to insert / eject anything in the phone.

It works in the same way as our other physical sim cards, instead of physical sim, they have a rewritable virtual sim card.

Which stores your identity in your in-built e-sim slot (Silicone chip) required to register on any network. This identity of your store is the reason for letting you use the network by the service provider.

This is a kind of software based technology which is quite secure. It is very useful for people traveling anywhere, especially in any circle or country.

You can switch operator in case of roaming.

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