Setting to reduce charging time in phone

Older smartphones do not have fast charging batteries. In such a situation they are slow charged. Many times the phone supports fast charging, but it does not charge fast. You can overcome this charging problem by changing it in one of the settings of your phone. Changing this setting will reduce charging time by 20%. Read also- What is meant by information given on mobile charger

Tech Guide: Change in this one setting of old smartphone, the charging time of the phone will be reduced by 20%
setting to reduce charging time in phone

There is a secret setting in the phone

The setting associated with fast charging is secreted in the phone. This setting is in the developer option of the phone, which has to be activated first. To apply this setting, first one has to go to the settings of the phone and go to the About phone. Here the bottom number has to be tabbed on the Build number 7-8 times. After which the Developer options comes. There are several secret settings associated with the phone inside this option. Read also- Tips to save smartphone battery

Follow these steps

1. When your phone's developer options arrive, then open it. You will find it at the bottom of Settings in the top of the About phone. Turn it ON from the top right.

2. Now under Developer options, there is an option of Select USB configuration in the option of Networking at the bottom, open it. It has MTP Auto Select. From where you have to select Charging.

3. You select Charging and come back and then exit from Developer options as well. After this, once again go to this option and check whether Charging is selected or not. Now the phone will be fast charged beforehand.

So charging becomes fast

In Android smartphones, the phone's USB configuration includes Media Transfer Protocol Default (MTP). Due to which the phone is charged, but it always reads the MTP option first. By changing this, we have to select the charging option. 

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