Facebook's biggest data leak! Users' data available online for sale

Facebook remains in constant discussion about its privacy. Recently, there has been a news that has put the users in a worry. According to the report, personal data of 533 million users of Facebook's has been leaked on the hackers forum. This data is being reported for users from about 106 countries.

Facebook's biggest data leak! Users' data available online for sale
Personal data of users leaked online from facebook

It is also being said that this is the largest data breech in the history of Facebook. According to the report, all the hacked data of Facebook users was made available online for free. A Reuters report reported that the data leak contained data from Facebook users from 106 countries, including 32 million data from US users, 11 million UK users and 6 million Indian users. This personal data includes the users' date of birth, full name, bio, location and e-mail etc.

At the same time, the phone numbers of many users are also included. several reports have also said that not only the users but also Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's phone number and personal information are also included in this data leak. According to a researcher, this data has been done through the Breach Low-Low Hacking Forum.

According to cyber researcher Dave Walker, the 533 million users include Mark Zuckerberg and the company's co-founders Chris Huis and Dustin Moskowitz, whose personal information has been hacked. According to a Facebook spokesperson, this is an old data that was reported in the year 2019. The company fixed it in August 2019, taking this into consideration. However, no official information has been received from the company regarding the data breach that has just taken place.

Alon Gal, CTO of Cybercrime Intelligence Hudson Rock, says that no matter how many years ago the data was leaked, but even today it is very important information for hackers. They can be misused. It has also said that the data that is being circulated to hackers is the same Facebook linked phone number data was circulating since January.

In January this year, data of about 42 crore Facebook users was leaked. It was also made available for sale online. This data of Facebook users was leaked through the bot of Telegram app. According to the report, the Facebook number which was leaked, the mobile number present in it was being sold for Rs 1,400. Similarly, the cost of other data was also fixed.

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