Jio Smartphone will be launched next month, features will be more and price will be less

There were reports that Reliance Jio is now going to manufacture smartphones as well. Now it seems that this wait is going to end. According to reports, Reliance Jio is preparing to launch its smartphone in the Indian market in May. Please note that this phone is being made in partnership with itel.

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Jio smartphone launch news aug 2021

Jio smartphone will be available in affordable price

Let us know that the aim of both Reliance Jio and ITEL companies is to make the smartphone available to the users at an affordable price. Through Jio Smartphone , customers who use Jio's feature phone will be targeted. It is expected that this low budget smartphone will be introduced in early May. However, a specific date has not been revealed yet. It is being told that the price of the phone can be up to Rs 5,000. 

Jio 5G Smartphone 

Recall that Reliance Jio had announced at the annual general meeting last year itself that the company would soon introduce its 5G smartphone which would be pocket friendly . According to a recent report, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has set a May-June timeline for the research and development of Jio 5G phones and is expected to complete the R&D work of the upcoming 5G phones by this time . Google is also supporting Reliance Jio in preparing this phone. 

As soon as the development of the phone is completed, it will be launched in the market. The phone can be made available for sale till July. Along with trying hands on the smartphone, there are reports that Jiobook is also working on it. It will also be a low-cost laptop.

Jio will also bring revolution in the phone sector Remind you that at the moment Realme Narzo 30 Pro is the cheapest 5G smartphone in India. The total cost of the phone is 16,999 rupees. We know that Reliance is known for revolution, so it would not be surprising if the company offers its smartphone at a very aggressive price. Apart from the smartphone, some specifications of this laptop were leaked in the beginning of March. According to leaked specifications, the laptop can work on Android-based custom skin. Which will be named JioOS. It can come with Jio apps.

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