How to buy oxygen cylinder in India

Corona virus infection is spreading very fast once again in India. In the last 24 hours, 2,73,810 new cases have been reported. At the same time, 1,619 people have died. The number of corona virus infected patients in India has been 150,61,919. Of these 129,53,821 people have been recovered.

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Currently, the number of active cases is 19,29,329. There is also a shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders in hospitals amidst increasing cases of Covid-19. However, some people infected with the corona virus are also home quarantine themselves. In such a situation, there are options for them to buy portable oxygen cylinders in the market.

Availability of portable oxygen cylinders

Be aware that this virus affects the patient's lungs the most. Due to which there is difficulty in breathing. If your family or someone around is infected with a corona and is in home isolation, you can buy portable oxygen cans as a backup. Oxygen cylinders can be purchased both online and offline. But keep in mind that you should consult a doctor before using them.

Be sure to consult a doctor

Explain that there is a oxygen cylinder pump, it is taken directly from the mouth or through a mask through the nose and mouth. Although portable due to their low oxygen content, they can be used in situations like emergency. You can buy them online or offline from the market.

If you want to buy online, then you can buy e-commerce websites from Amazon and Flipkart. In addition, you can also order portable oxygen cans from online pharmacy platforms such as 1Mg , Medlife or Pharmeasy. They also differ in price, pump count and total volume. Also read the review once before purchasing. If you want to buy offline then you can buy from any nearest pharmacy store.

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