How much ram does a phone need

To understand this, first we will understand what is RAM (Random Access Memory) -

Let's understand RAM in a very simple language -

Suppose you are a teacher. You have to check the copy of class 7, class 8 and class 9 which is in your cupboard. When you have to check the copy of class 7, you will first take it out of the cupboard and put it on your table, then start checking it. When you have to do a copy test of class 8, you will again get up from your chair and go to the cupboard and take out the copy of class 8 and bring it to the table, then start checking it.

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How much RAM does a phone need

How good it would have been if you had kept all the class copies (which you want to check) on the table, it would have benefited from this, you do not have to go to the cupboard again and again and your time will not be spoiled.

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So something similar happens in mobile phone. These cupboards serve as internal memory, table RAM and teacher processor.

When you install an application, it gets stored in your cupboard ie internal memory. When you run an application, it first comes in your table mean RAM. The more applications you run together, the more RAM will be used. The mean RAM helps you in multitasking (multi-tasking). If you have less RAM in your phone and 4 applications are open in your phone and you will open the fifth application, then because your RAM is low, your phone will pull out one or two applications out of the RAM according to the requirement of those 4 applications. So that the fifth application can run smoothly. 

If you are listening to songs, as well as chatting on Instagram and WhatsApp, then this is an example of multitasking. When you are running youtube and someone gets a message on WhatsApp and you immediately open WhatsApp, then this story is called task switching. The more RAM there is, the better task switching will be. You must have noticed that when you are playing a game on the phone and in between, a message arrives on WhatsApp and you are replying and coming back to the game, then the game loads again or takes a lot of time to open, such This is due to the lack of RAM. (Mostly this happens when your phone's RAM is low and you are playing a heavy game. Or when you are running WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook and many applications simultaneously. That means more applications you can The more RAM you run, the more RAM will be used.

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Now let's talk about how much RAM your phone needs -

If you want proper multitasking in your phone then 3 GB of RAM is enough. Meaning 3–4 GB of RAM is enough for an ordinary user. If you have 4 GB RAM, then you can do multitasking along with playing heavy games.

Now let's talk, does the speed of your smartphone depend on RAM ?? Will your phone speed up due to more RAM ??

The speed of your smartphone depends on the processor of your phone. If you have a phone with 4 GB RAM and your friend has a phone with 6 GB RAM then the performance of which phone will be good depends on the processor of the phone. If your friend's phone has Snapdragon 625 processor and your phone has Snapdragon 660 processor which is much better than 625 then your phone will perform better than your friend's 6 GB phone despite having 4 GB RAM.

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In the present time, according to the size of the phone application, 6–12 GB of RAM is very much. The ordinary user does not need this much RAM.

Meaning if you want good performance from the phone, then choose a good processor with at least 3–4 GB of RAM.

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