How do I quit Facebook for good

I will try to give you detailed information in simple form through this answer.


I too became addicted to Facebook a few days ago. I used to open Facebook when mobile was in my hand, and kept scrolling the home feed looking at the redundant posts. Which would have been a waste of time, and at the same time fill the mind with unnecessary negatives. Other social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp and so on are doing the same. Which made no sense.

How do I quit Facebook for good
How do I quit Facebook for good

My friend count on Facebook also increased significantly (which has probably become a reason to be more active on social media, more likes, comments etc.) Scrolling and scrolling, no matter how much the news feed and notifications are not finished.

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Some time ago a documentary called "The Social Dilemma" was released. Which opened viewer’s eyes to social media. It shows how social media is taking control of our brain from us.


Is deleting Facebook a good idea
Is deleting Facebook a good idea

I would also recommend watching this documentary (movie) to you too. Because there is absolutely no inferior content like some Indian series. There is something in this that makes people aware of the ill effects of social media.


How I overcome my Facebook addiction:-


First of all, it is important to understand that the design of the app is done keeping in mind how the user's attention goes to that side, and he should use that app again and again. So I turned off notifications of all social media apps, so that nothing would come in front of me so often that I had to open that app, and my mind was confused. Along with this, I also put a timer on selected mobile apps using Digital Welbeng, for which I was completely honest. Now as the usage of apps decreased, I started uninstalling those apps from mobile and using social media through website.

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How do I withdraw from Facebook
How do I withdraw from Facebook

Social media sites are less attractive to use through a website than an app. So we don't spend much time on that site. Which can reduce the habit of social media.


I have uninstalled Facebook and Instagram apps and sometimes (if necessary) open them on the browser itself.


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So comparatively now I use Facebook and Instagram very rarely.


Likewise, on WhatsApp, I am left out of the useless groups and keep most of the notifications muted. So that they do not bother me again and again. I use only to send or check the necessary messages.

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