Facebook will bring dating app for singles, get partner in 4 minutes!

Facebook is reportedly testing a new speed dating app called Sparked these days. The web page for this app was made live for a short time, in which users have to register themselves with a Facebook account. The app is being developed by Facebook's NPE (New Product Experimentation) team, which works on experimental service. The common theme of the Sparked Speed ​​Dating app is kindness and when registering in the app, users are asked to be a kind of dater. This platform will be available for free to all users.

sparked is currently in the small beta testing phase, the app is being developed by Facebook's NPE team, the platform will be available for free to all users.
Facebook Dating App Sparked

The information on the video speed dating app has been spotted by Verge. A web page dedicated to this app was made live for some time, with the app being descripted as 'Video dating with kind people'. The platform will have speed video dates for four minutes only. At the moment, it is not clear how many video dates users can do on this platform. If users connect to each other over a 4-minute video date, they are allowed to date another video that lasts for 10 minutes. Sparked then reportedly advises users to contact contacts, so that they can interact with each other outside the platform.

Sparked promises that for this users will not have to create any kind of public profile, nor will they have to swipe, nor will they get any kind of ugly SMS. At the moment, this app is in the works. At present, the H small beta test has been constructed. After setting the profile, users will be placed in the waitlist. But the sign-up asks the flow users what makes them a good dieter. The profile will then be reviewed by the people of Sparked. The platform has options for dating men, women and non-binary people. The platform also asks users if they want to date trans people.
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