Facebook introduces clubhouse feature, know the special thing about live audio rooms

You must have heard about the Clubhouse app which is a conversion platform. Earlier social media platform Twitter had rolled out service spaces like Clubhouse and now Facebook has also released the same feature as Clubhouse. This audio based feature is named Live Audio Rooms.

Facebook released Live Audio Rooms

Let us know that this new feature of Facebook will first be made available for groups and public figures. But later it will be rolled out for Messenger and general users as well. Although the concept of live audio rooms is largely clubhouse-like, some other features have also been added to it. Like here, users can record and send their conversion.

Facebook is testing Live Audio Rooms and plans to offer creators multiple ways to earn money on the platform.
Facebook clubhouse feature

Subscriptions are also available on audio service from facebook

Facebook has also placed a subscription option for this feature. Users can make it paid. Explain that the way video creators create and post their videos, in the same way, audio creators will also be able to record and post audio records and earn money.

It will use small audio clips, named Soundbites. In simple words, it can be used as an audio tick-talk, just as small videos were uploaded on tick-talk. Explain that you will find the SoundBytes feature in the news feed.

Sound studio in your pocket

Facebook has named this feature Sound Studio in Your Pocket. Since the focus is now shifting to audio and podcasts, it is expected that Facebook may also bring other audio-related features in the future. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself said that he likes audio more. They believed that you can multitask while listening to audio. Well, these features have not yet come for the common users but in a few months you will also be able to use this feature.

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