How to use Google maps in Smartphone without Internet

Google Maps is very useful for people while traveling. When we go to some unknown place, we use Google Maps to find the way there. Apart from this, if we have to share our location, we still send our current location with the help of GPS in the smartphone. Millions of people in the world use Google Maps. To run Google Maps it is necessary to have internet on mobile. This app does not work properly when the internet is not running or there is a problem in the mobile network. But do you know that you can use Google Maps in your smartphone even without internet. Know how you use Google Maps even when there is no internet.

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Maps Offline

Google Maps are also failed at times when there is a problem in the mobile network. In such a situation, you can lose the path. Sometimes on the way the internet is down, you may face problems in Google Maps. In such a situation you can use Google Map Offline. For this, first you have to save the location in your device.

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Download Offline Maps

You can reach your destination with the help of offline GPS. With the help of Google Map Offline, you can use GPS even without internet. For this, first you have to download or save a map of the place where you have to go. To do this, you have to follow some steps.

google maps save route offline
download offline maps

Select your map

First of all, open Google Maps. After opening the map, you will see your profile in the top left. You have to click on your profile photo. After clicking on the profile photo, you will see the option of 'offline maps', tap on it. On going to 'Offline Maps', you will see the option 'Select your own map'. You can tap on this option and choose the place where you want to go. After this, the map of that place will be downloaded to your phone and you can easily reach that place.

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