Buying a portable AC is not a profitable deal, these are the 6 major disadvantages

The summer season has started and people have started installing coolers and ACs in their homes. In such a situation, people think of buying cheaper AC and cooler for everyone to get the best deals. But in the meantime, many customers make mistakes. In order to save some money, they bring low class goods to their house. The same condition of portable air conditioners.

Buying a portable AC is not a profitable deal, these are the 6 major disadvantages
Disadvantages of portable AC

Initially it attracts everyone but later it does not fit into the right deal for the customers. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of getting a portable AC, then we have brought some such tips and tricks for you, in which you will know why these low-cost ACs can cause a lot of problems.

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Disadvantages of Portable AC

1. Portable ACs do not work well

Central air conditioner systems require a 13 R / 11 EER efficiency rating. It is very less in portable. Many times it is not even mentioned on the big box of AC. In such a situation, the best rating is 9.5, which is very rare. This means that your electric bill can come more from these ACs.

2. Keeps only small space cool

If you put a big AC in the house, it keeps your entire room cool, but if you have a portable AC in your house, then it will keep only one area of ​​your room cool.

3. Portable AC make noise

The condenser unit with the central air system remains outside. But if we talk about portable, then it stays inside your house. Many people want less noise with cold air. In such a situation, these ACs make a lot of noise and can bother you.

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4. Something in the picture and something in actual

Manufacturers do their best to make portable AC good. That is, if you are thinking of setting it a place in your house, then you have to shift your other things. At the same time, when you go to buy it, you get a lot of details and different features in the picture, but it appears less as soon as it comes to home. In such a situation, it is a marketing method.

5. There is problem in installation

When you install this AC in your home, you may face a lot of problems. Because their kit and other parts are such that you may have to open your window. In such a situation, for the setup of the window kit, you will not want to close and open your window again and again.

6. Heavy Weight

These ACs are called portable but their weight is heavy and if there is a woman in your house or old age person then it can be a bit difficult for them. Because it also requires strength to shift. In such a situation, you have to make sure that there are tires under them so that they move easily but sometimes these tires can get stuck in your carpet.

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