Data of 2 crore BigBasket users leaked, check your data in this way

A few months after the data breach was confirmed by online grocery delivery platform BigBasket, a database of over 20 million subscribers has reportedly been put on the dark web. This database contains the email addresses, phone numbers and printed passwords of the affected customers. The data also includes the delivery address allegedly saved by customers and the date of birth of BigBasket users. This database, available for free on the Dark Web, also contains users' encrypted (encrypted) passwords. However, another hacker claimed to have decrypted some of this leaked encrypted password.

The alleged BigBasket database was made available for download by the hacking group ShinyHunters on the Dark Web last weekend. It includes the hashed passwords of the affected customers.
BigBasket data of 20 million users leaked

BigBasket's database is reportedly listed on the dark web. This work has been done by a hacking group named ShinyHunters. Listed online, this database contains important information such as email address, name, date of birth and phone number of users.

Cyber-security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia told that the leaked database was linked to a breech that BigBasket itself confirmed in November last year.

ShinyHunters reportedly made the BigBasket database available for download on the Dark Web last weekend. It includes the hashed passwords of the affected customers. However, it is reported that some passwords in plain text have now been added for sale on the dark web.

Meanwhile, the website "Have i Been Pwned?", Providing users with information about their data leaks. Has also sent emails informing some affected users about the data leak.

You can check whether your information is in this database or not, through Have i Been Pwned. You have to enter your email id or mobile number registered in BigBasket inside the box at home and click on the 'pwned' button. This website will show the information of all agreements with the email address entered by you.

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