Ambrane launches multiple Bluetooth earphones simultaneously, starting price Rs 1,299

The price of Bassband Pro has been kept at Rs 2,199 and Bassband Lite has been priced at Rs 1,299. The BassBand Pro has been given great drivers to give users the experience of HD sound.

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Ambrane launches multiple Bluetooth earphones

Domestic company Ambrain India has launched a new range of wireless neckbands in India. These neckbands have been designed for every need of the users. These neckbands come with great design, high bass and long battery life. The price of these neckbands starts at Rs 1,299 and comes with a 365-day warranty.

The first launched in this lineup has been priced at Rs 2,199 for Bassband Pro and Rs 1,299 for Bassband Lite. The BassBand Pro has been given great drivers to give users an HD sound experience, although the company has not informed the driver size. Its battery life is 6 hours. IPX5 has been rated for Water Resistant.

The company's neckband range also includes the Melody series. The Melody 20 and Melody 11 have dual stereo outputs with 10mm drivers. The Melody 20 neckbands come with a long battery life, allowing users to get 8 hours of play time in just 2 hours of charging, while the Melody 11 offers 6 hours of playtime. Both these neckbands, Melody 20 which costs Rs 1,499 and Melody 11 which costs Rs 1,799.

The Ambrain Neckbands range has another sporty and classy neckband Trend 11. The price of this neckband is Rs 1,999. It is claimed that it gives users a long play time of 6 hours in charging of only one and a half hours. All models in the Neckband series are equipped with Smart Voice Assistant, Google Assistant and Siri, giving users a completely hands-free experience. All earphones have a microphone for calling.

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