What is Google's Project Soli? What are its uses?


| The use of radar technology for the first time
| Operate without touch gadget
| Know where you will be using

A technology is being developed in which you can now run a TV or smartphone or other gadget without touching it.

Google's Project Soli will be able to run TV and Smartphone without touching it
What is Google's Project Soli? What are its uses?

After Google Glass, Google is now working on a new project 'Soli'. This sensor, shaped like a small chip, will work on radar technology. This sensor can record finger movements at 10,000 frame rates per second.

Through this, your hand will work like a virtual dial machine. You can increase or decrease the voice of the speaker, control the smartwatch or smartphone screen with a virtual touchpad.

This small chip is actually a small gesture radar that understands the most complex hand gestures at incredible hyper speeds. The chip can fit into any space due to its extremely small size.

If this technology turns out to be a reality, then there will be no need for unnecessary touching to operate a device.

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