What is Pinterest and how to make money from it

Hello friends and welcome to this post about Pinterest. Today I will talk with you in full detail about Pinterest. How you can create your account on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest is an online image sharing and social media website service. It is used worldwide for image, gif and video sharing.

What is Pinterest and how to earn money from Pinterest. What are the benefits of Pinterest and how to create a Pinterest account
Pinterest Website Homepage

Pinterest entered the online Internet world in 2009 and today has over 400 million active users.

Here we get to know what Pinterest is. Now we will know How to create a Pinterest ID.

You can also download the Pinterest app from the plays tore or app store. I am guiding you through the Pinterest website. The process of creating an account is available and common on both the website and the app.

How to create a Pinterest account

You must first go to the Pinterest website. After which you will get the interface given above.

Now you click on the Sign Up option.

Pinterest Sign Up Option
Sign Up Option In Pinterest

After this you have to follow some steps given below.

You can create your account in 3 ways.

You can manually enter email, password and age. In this, you will have to verify email.

You can create an account through Facebook on Pinterest. Clicking on the Facebook option in it. Must link your Facebook account.

You can create an account with a Google account. Google Gmail account is already saved in your browser. You can create an account with his help.

I am creating my account with the help of Google account. For this, I will click on the third option Google account. After which we will get this kind of interface.

In this, we have to allow our authorities by selecting our Google account.

This will create your account. Now you can share image, gif and video here.

For that also I tell you what you have to do.

First, you click on profile and complete your profile. I have already completed my account. for example:

What is pinterest account
GauGo Pinterest Account

1. Name - You can give your brand name. You can also put your name here.

2. Description - You should give information about yourself in the description. You can also write 2-3 lines about your brand in the description.

3. Logo / Photo - You can use any type of Logo / Photo for your Pinterest profile.

Now it comes. How can we publish our blog and product here? For this, Pinterest has given us the option of "Create Board" here. Which has to be made for humanity. You can see my profile in the screenshot. I have made 1 Board.

What are Boards in Pinterest

The board is one such option in Pinterest. Which we can build on any keyword. For example.



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Make money

We can use such keywords here. Here we get organic online website traffic on keywords from search engines. If we continuously pin on these boards.

Now it comes. What is pin in Pinterest. How does this work

What are Pinterest Pins

Pins in Pinterest mean that we are putting a new image, web page and video post on Pinterest. This pin will be published on your Pinterest boards. The board you have to choose while pinning. You can see it in the screenshot below. I have selected Technology.

what is pin in pinterest
Pinterest Pin

You can also pin a Pin already created by others on Pinterest to your Pinterest board.

Now you can publish your post after clicking on the right-side Save button.

How to make money with Pinterest

I am sharing you some Pinterest tips here. With which you can earn good money from Pinterest.

This is only possible with these suggestions from online traffic and Pinterest.

If you learn to use Pinterest. Then you will not lack online traffic.

Now know how you can make money from Pinterest. The first you have to do is-

Keyword Research - You will need to do keyword research. You will need to do keyword research relevant to your topic. You should use low-competition and high search volume keywords in Pinterest. So that your post appears on the first page of Google.

Affiliate Marketing

I would first like to tell you about affiliate marketing. Here you can use low-competition keywords in the title of Board and Pin. With this, you will get to see organic traffic on the content from all over the world. Because of which your affiliate products are sure to be sold.

Sell your goods

You can also sell your own products here. But in this you will need to do smart work. Like you can write something special about your products in photos. Which will rank your image in Google. This can cause millions of impressions on your image. So that there is no problem in promoting your product.

Use traffic for earning by blogging

Websites like online traffic from Pinterest. for example;

    Hindi poetry Websites

    Good morning best wishes Websites

    Good night greetings Websites

    Affiliate marketing Websites

Such websites transfer millions of traffic to their articles and make money from Google Adsense and any other advertising network. If you want to adopt the mode of online traffic. Then you have to stay updated in blogging. Also you will need to write articles on trending topics of Pinterest.

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You can earn money from sponsorship on Pinterest. Like you can share a company, app and any other products with your Pinterest followers. Many companies offer this type of offer. So that your income can be quite good and you can earn money with the help of Pinterest.

Friends, this is the best 4 ways to earn money on Pinterest. People are earning good amount through these methods. Who has a good number of followers on Pinterest.

I hope you enjoy this post on Pinterest.

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