PUBG New State Launched- Video released on YouTube, pre-registration starts on Google Play Store

PUBG Mobile New State Launched: Great news for PUBG mobile phone game lovers around the world, the game's developer PUBG Studio has released the trailer for the latest PUBG New State Mobile Game and you can pre-register it from the Google Play Store. PUBG Mobile New State is created by South Korean video game company Kraften.

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PUBG New State Launched: Video released on YouTube, pre-registration starts on Google Play Store

On PUBG's official Twitter account, the company stated that: "Pre-order trailer for PUBG: NEW STATE, KRAFTON, Inc. And PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS for the new Battle by PUBG Studio, "the game has officially launched and pre-registration has begun on the Google Play-Store for PUBG New State.

This game has been prepared by PUBG Studio and a trailer has also been released on YouTube. Apart from this, new website and social media accounts have been created under the name PUBG New State.

Some game play, graphics and new mechanics can be seen in the game trailer, it has been prepared for the year 2051. In this game you will get a glimpse of trains, weapons, new maps etc. coming in 2051.

Currently not available in India

If you want to pre-register the new state game in India, then you will have to wait for now. This game is currently not available in India. This game will be launched in India when PUBG Mobile lifts the ban. But Krafton has distanced himself from the Chinese Tencent company. In such a situation, PUBG Mobile can be launched in India soon.

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