What are the most useful apps for Android in daily life

These are some useful applications that can be use frequently. Although I know many such useful hacks but there are some main hacks which everyone can use.

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What are the 8 most popular apps

List of top 8 mobile apps


Our first application is SwiftKey. It uses artificial intelligence that enables the user to predict the next word to type. It learns from previous SMS messages and predicts the next word based on the currently inputted text and what it has learned. And another cool feature I've seen in it is that if your fingers accidentally touch another word, it automatically fixes it. You can work with the keyboard that comes with your Android smartphone, but If you want something new and better, SwiftKey is a good application. Read also- Top 5 free android apps you must have


Our second useful application name is CamScanner. With Camscanner, you can save any document you see in the real world digitally with your mobile phone. Just take a picture, and CamScanner will take care of the rest. Scan any type of document in seconds, text or graphics. ... or you can save them in the cloud, fax and print out those documents.


Our third application is Shazam, this application is very useful for those who love music. You already know that due to crores of music these days, the names of songs are unable to be remembered, but whenever we hear somewhere, we try to remember the use but cannot remember. In such a situation, you can find the name of that song in 1 second using this Shazam. It can also identify advertisements and television shows. Read also- Alternatives of Chinese banned apps by Indian Govt.

Google Assistant

Our fourth app is Google Assistant, by the way many people will be aware of this application. If this is a Google product, then you can trust it. It also works on most Android devices. You just download the app. From there, you can ask it whatever you want. It also follows a wide variety of orders. You can operate your flashlight, game, and all applications without touching your mobile through this app.


Grammerly comes in fifth place. This application will be available to you from Play Store very easily. Through this application, you can improve your grammar, or grammar & vocabulary check.


The sixth application is BombitUp. I found this application very fun because with the help of it you can disturb anyone for a while. You just have to enter the number of whomever you want to disturb, after which BombitUp will do the work automatically. Now you may be wondering what it will actually do. Just by entering the number in BombitUp, you can send that message as many times as you want, that too continuously. It will make that other person very upset. This application is absolutely free. You will not find this application on the Play Store, you will have to search on Google.


Our seventh application is QuizUp. If you want to measure your knowledge and make good use of your remaining time, you can use this application. With the help of this application you can compete with people all over the world. Which will increase your general knowledge. Read also- Most popular mobile messenger apps

Google Keep

One of the best tools I've seen. It is very useful to quickly write down what is on your mind and remember it again at the right time later. In this application, you can keep your business meeting date, password, notes etc. And when the time comes, it will inform you about it through notifications. It is available for free at Play Store. Go download it and reduce the burden of remembering different things on your brain.

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