How to delete your Google search history, where is your activity stored?

You search such things on Google, which you want to delete. But you do not know how to delete or manage your search history. You can see what you have searched on Google. If you want, you can also delete this data. Google also shows you other search results based on your search. Today we are telling you how to access Google search history and delete it. Read also- How to recall email in Gmail

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How to delete Google search history

Process to delete Google search history

-First of all you will need to visit Google Activity 

Control page has to be opened. After the page is open, you will have to sign in with your Google account.

-There will be many options in which My Activity will be seen on the main page.

-Now search queries and results will appear.

-In the left of it, option of item view and bundle view will be seen. In the item view, your activity will be shown one by one, while in the bundle view you can see your search activity according to the category.

-At the top is a search box where you can search your activity.

-On its side you will see three dots. Which is also called hamburger icon.

-After clicking this option, you can delete the activities according to the date.

-Here, now you click on the option to Auto Delete Activities Older by 3 months or by Auto Delete Activities Older by 18 months. Then tap on the next button.

-Here you will get the option of "Delete Activity By". By clicking this, you will be given a list of every Google service.

-Some of your activities are recorded at these places. If you want, you can select and delete them from everywhere.

-Your activity will be deleted from all places.

-If you do not want Google to track or record your activities, then you have to disable the toggle with web and app activities here.

-Similarly, after scrolling down, you will have to disable the toggles containing Location History and YouTube History.

-In this way you can prevent Google from tracking location history, web activities, YouTube search, etc. forever. However, you also have to keep in mind that after this process, the personalized experience on Google will be reduced, which means that Google remembers similar things according to the search, which you will not have after this process. Read also- How to download YouTube videos

Let us tell you that after doing this, you are only deleting the history or activity of your phone. They are only being deleted from your account. Your activity store will still be on Google's server.

Even after delete, your activity is stored here: -

When you delete the activity or search history from your Google account, then Google starts its work. According to Google, after the search history is deleted by the user, the company also deletes some data from its storage.

Although Google keeps the store forever even after deleting some of your data. Even after your search history is deleted, Google keeps data on which days and what data you have searched. Google says that activity is also stored for company business policy. This means that even if you manage your search history in any way, your searched information gets stored on Google's server, which can also be seen under certain circumstances.

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