Why Chinese phones are cheap

Do you know how China makes such a cheap mobile and why India gets such expensive mobiles, what is difference in India and China? Perhaps you don't even know what is the process of making mobile in China. So please remain on post to understand the process of Chinese mobile manufacturing.

how China makes such a cheap mobile and why India gets such expensive mobiles
Why Indian products are expensive than Chinese products

The things we are going to tell you in this article of today will really open your eyes. Because today you will find some things that you have ever noticed like we are constantly asked why Chinese mobiles are so cheap. You will find answers to all your questions in today's post, why China's mobiles are so cheap and, apart from that, a lot of things that you will find in this post. Read also- Know how PUBG Mobile is a Chinese game

Why Chinese mobiles are so cheap

At the same time, there are many more reputed companies in the market, which are occupying the mobile phone market and the highest position has captured by Xiaomi.

They are the best-selling phones around the world, so friends not only you get cheap but also compete with double priced mobile phones, and that is why the customer buys a cheaper beautiful durable Chinese phone.

But the question comes how the mobile phones that are made in China are so cheap. Friends, we divide this post into different factors to answer your question because you need to explain it in detail. See also- List of 118 Chinese apps banned in India

1. Very less research in Chinese mobile industry

Because many companies have to do a lot of research before they launch their product. It also costs a lot of effort and money, which increases the price of the product, but no law was enacted to copy any kind of product in China. The reason why a company gets comfortable in the market by copying another company and it does not have to do much research is obviously where the product rate falls.

2. China manufacture cheapest phones because of cheapest labor

We all know very well that the Chinese population is very high and many people are looking for work there. That is why they have to work very cheaply.  Whether you assume or not, the number of laborers in China is more than any country which is the biggest reason why China is manufacturing hub. There is a need for a high manual work to make things in such a large scale. And for this manual work, more and more people are hired as workers.

Those who have to work in very low wages and the company's policy is also very strong many times, the worker works in the company overnight, now it is obvious that the worker who is in a lower rate will reduce the rate of product. You may also like- India banned 43 new apps including snack video after PUBG Mobile and TikTok

3. Low quality of Chinese phones

We all know that the product's quality that come from China are very low, even though we are not able to run it, but yes, it has its own quality as compared to the rest of the country's companies, and at the same time, China makes every quality product high, medium. It is on the customer what kind of products it has to buy.

4. Cheap marketing of Chinese mobile phones

The dealer does not have to pay a rough commission due to which his product is automatically cheaper as there is no need for them to make an application to any dealer distributor. Products directly reaches out to customers.

By now, we have discussed why China's product is so cheap  we are going to discuses why Indian products are not so cheap. Read also- Alternatives of apps banned by Indian Govt.

Why Indian products are expensive than Chinese products

So, first of all, in India, the company does not get as much support from the government, though now the government has come up with a number of new rules on which mobile and gadget manufacturing in the country can increase considerably if worked. But all these facilities came just a few years ago and by then all the mobiles from Chinese companies were completely overlapped in our country.

At the same time, there cannot be a copy of any product here, and for labor, stringent laws exist in our country which, if they are to be worked out overnight like China, company can be turned off by the rules, and that are all the reasons why we can not produce cheap mobile phones in India.

But we hope that there will be some changes in the coming time in which the gadgets that are made in our country will also get fame all over the world. Comment us your suggestions and reaction after reading this post.

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