Who is the owner of WhatsApp

Friends, today I am going to tell you Who is owner of WhatsApp, Which Country invented WhatsApp.

Today, WhatsApp is the big name in social networking and messaging apps. Today, every mobile is incomplete without WhatsApp. Whether talking about messaging or sharing photo videos, no other app can compete with WhatsApp. Apart from messages, WhatsApp is also offering voice calls and video calls to people. That is, people are sitting in different countries talk to friends and relatives for free through WhatsApp.

Real owner of WhatsApp
Founder of WhatsApp

The popularity of WhatsApp can be estimated from the fact that in the initial time, WhatsApp has become 45 million users in 5 years. Jan Koum gets credited for WhatsApp success story. Read Also- What is Signal app and why Why is Elon Musk recommending it 

Owner of WhatsApp

Owner of WhatsApp was Jan Koum but it was not easy for Jan Koum to achieve this position. His life was filled with struggle. But Jan never succumbed to the challenges and today he has become famous all over the world.

WhatsApp founder story

Jan Koum was born on 24 February 1976 in Ukraine. When Jan was 16, he was forced to leave his father and come to America with his mother and grandmother.

He received his early education through a notebook found in the Soviet Union, the family's financial condition was very bad. For this reason Jan had to work in a grocery shop to sweep.

They had to wait in line for hours to get free food. Meanwhile, his mother suffered to cancer. The mother received some help from the government for treatment. With some money of this devotion, He bought a book of computer networking with the help of money received from Government.

After reading, he sold it at an old bookstore. After that, he got enrolled in a university in Silicon Valley and simultaneously started working as a security tester in a company. Meanwhile, in the year 1997, he got job in Yahoo. While working at Yahoo, he met a man named Brian Acton who later also became his business partner. After working at Yahoo for 9 years, Koum said goodbye to a job of after saving about Rs 2500,000. See Also- What is Telegram app and how it is better than WhatsApp

Success story of WhatsApp

After about 1 year, he thought of doing something new. In January 2009, he thought of bringing such apps to the world that keep peoples connecting to each other with a phone number, Jan Koum started working on WhatsApp together with Acton. Both were also looking for a job in a good company.

Both of them applied to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, but both got frustrated with every company. But Jan never gave up and worked hard to launch WhatsApp.

After launching in the year 2010, he started earning $ 5000 per month from WhatsApp. In 2011, there was such a leap of success in WhatsApp that this app started to be viral all over the world. The Facebook Company that did not even give a job to Jan Koum showed interest in buying WhatsApp.

Jan Koum gets 19 Billion Dollars for WhatsApp deal. Today Koum is among the world's richest capital holders, but the struggle of early days is still in his mind. This is the reason why he chose the same place when he was doing WhatsApp deal with Facebook. Wherever he used to wait for hours with his mother for food.

So friends, this was the history of WhatsApp i.e. Who is the owner of WhatsApp, Founder of WhatsApp etc.  so let me tell you Whatsapp is an American proprietary cross-platform instant messaging software.


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