What is the difference between passport and visa

Hello friends, Today I am going to talk about what is the difference between passport and visa.

Whenever we think about foreign trip we always think about two documents one is passport and another one is visa, may be many of you already have passports and visa.

what is the difference between passport and visa
what is the difference between passport and visa

But there will be many people who do not understand the difference between passport and visa. So today in this post, we are going to give you information about passport and visa, after which you will never be get confused after seeing it. Read also- How to change, name, photo, address in Voter ID Card

What is the difference between passport and visa

So let us first know about passport & visa and after that we will understand about passport and visa difference.

What is Passport

Passport is a travel document that the government of a country issues to its citizens. This document verifies the identity and nationality of that holder.

Apart from adult, passport is also required for children and babies. A passport is a small booklet with all the details of the person (name, date of birth, place of birth, photo, gender, signature, date issue, date of expiry) and passport number.

Before issuing a passport, the application is closely scrutinized and only after that the passport is issued. Therefore, passport is accepted as the most important ID when going to another country. You may also like- How to reprint your lost Aadhar Card

What is Visa

Visa is an official document through which you can enter legally in a foreign country. If you want to go to America then you will get a visa from the American Government. There will be no role of Indian government in this.

The visa is stemmed on a passport or re-pasted on the passport. There are many types of visas that are associated with different rights in the host country of the visa holder. That is, visa will be issued to you, according to which country you are going to, from what purpose. That is, we can say that the passport will be our identity card. Whereas a visa is a right that you can roam in the country after taking it. After knowing this basic information about passports and visas, lets know about what kind of passports are there? See also- How to create PAN Card by phone

What are the types of passport

So mainly passports are of three types.

1. Ordinary Passport

Ordinary passport which is dark blue and it is issued for Ordinary Trouble and Business Trip.

2. Official Passport

It is a white covered passport and is issued to such government officers who represent the Indian government in another country.

3. Diplomatic Passport

This passport is maroon in color and only issued to top ranking government officials. You have already known how important the passport is and types of passport. 

What are the types of visa

There are many visas which are made according to the requirements of the visa holder, so let's tell you one by one.

1. Work Visa

This visa is given to a person who wants to work in the host country or wants to engaged in  business activities.

2. Travel Visa

Talking about this kind of visa is only given for tourist peoples. Through this visa, the holder cannot do any business activities or work in that country. By the way, there are also two types of travel visas.

3. Working Holiday Visa

With the help of such visa, the visa holder can also take a temporary employment in that country where he gone for tourist purpose only. Not every country offers such visas but such visas are offered in countries like Argentina, Canada, Belgium, Japan and the UK.

4. Business Visa

Talking about business visa, you can do activities like attending a business conference in the host country or doing business with a company. For this you will not need to join the labor market of that country. The visitor has to show that he is not receiving income from the host country.

5. Spousal Visa

When the life partner is not from same country, then through this visa, one can go to meet each other.

6. Transit Visa

It is short term visa. It is given to a person when he is traveling in a country, but does not stay there. That is, this visa is valid only for 5 days. Its duration depends on the country.

7. Student Visa

It is a kind of non-immigrant visa that is given to the visa holder for study in host country.

8. Refugee Asylum Visa

This type of visa is given to people whose life has been endangered due to natural disaster, war and such other situations. 

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After the type of passport and visa you should be aware about e-passport and e-visa.

What is E-Passport

An electronic passport is a regular passport booklet that carries an electronic chip. This chip contains the information of the passport holder and makes it secure against the passport fraud.

What is E-Visa

E-visa is an electronic visa, i.e. digital visa, which is stored in database, it is the linked with the passport number of the visa holder. Now let's talk about what will happen if you lose your visa or passport.

What can you do after losing your passport

How will that Indian citizen come back to India? There are many such questions and the answer to this question is that the Indian Embassy in that country will immediately grant a certificate to the Indian citizen through which that man can return to India. This emergency certificate is also called an emergency passport or a temporary passport.

So friends, in this post, we have given you complete information about what is the difference between visa and passport and along with it, we have also give you information about what is passport, what is visa, types of passport, types of visas.

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