What is Telegram and how it's better than WhatsApp

Many messaging apps are available on social media platforms. One of these is Telegram App. Telegram is an instant messaging app based on cloud and Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) service. Telegram is free available on the Play Store and you can download it and chat with your friends or family.

What is Telegram app, who created it, what are the features and how it is better than whatsapp
What is Telegram App

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The Telegram being cloud based means that the app's data is stored not on the device but on a Telegram server. Telegram is a very interesting and popular app. Let us know many more things about it. Read also- List of best mobile messengers

Who created Telegram

Telegram is developed by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. The elder brother Nikolai laid the foundation for the software and Powell supported him financially.

When did Telegram start

Telegram was introduced in 2013. Telegram first launched for iOS in August 2013. After that it was also made available for Android in October.

Is Telegram app an Indian app

No. It was built in Russia but then moved to Germany and London due to some regulations.

Where is Telegram's headoffice

Its legal headoffice is in London and the operational headoffice is in Dubai.

How many Telegram users are there

In the year 2013, Telegram had 1 lakh users. But by the year 2018, this number increased to 200 million. At the same time, according to Pavel Durov, on 14 March 2019, within 24 hours, 30 lakh new users had signed up on Telegram. Which became a record. As of April 2020, Telegram's users had grown to 400 million.

Telegram features

1. It runs on your phone number and in this you get the facility to use more than one number simultaneously.

2. You can keep more than one of your profile pictures in it.

3. Secret chat facility on Telegram. That is, your chats will not be saved on any server.

4. You can customize the app yourself.

5. It also has the facility of Bots.

6. You can save the message in it. You can also edit chats.

7. Using Telegram channel you can get many important information from one place.

8. Telegram has been made available in 13 languages. Also, through this app you can join many types of groups and channels.

9. It can also be used with Night mode.

10.There is an option to share the location with anyone.

11. It has new types of chat tools by using which you can make your chatting easier.

12. Telegram, like other social media apps, also allows calling.

13. Its user interface is quite simple as compared to other apps. In this, you can send photos, videos, files, locations, contacts, or any media.

14. Through this, you can share files up to 1.5 GB.

15. If someone in your contact installs Telegram in your phone, then you get a notification from Telegram. See also- How to change number on WhatsApp

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