What is cryptocurrency and How to use it

Today you will learn about what is cryptocurrency and why its a future currency. In the digital world, currency has also taken a digital form and this digital currency is called cryptocurrency. Like bitcoin whose name you have heard many times.

Today you will learn about what is cryptocurrency and why its a future currency. In the digital world, currency has also taken a digital form and this digital currency is called cryptocurrency. Like bitcoin whose name you have heard many times.
What is cryptocurrency and how is it used

But what is cryptocurrency and how is it used. What are its benefits? You will find answers to such questions in this post. That's why let's know today about crypto currency. Read also- How to use WhatsApp Pay

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that was introduced in 2009 and the first cryptocurrency most popular bitcoin was crypto currency. There is no real physical currency. That is, we cannot take this currency in hand like Rupee. Can not even keep it in your pocket, but it is saved in our digital wallet. That is why you can also say this online currency.

Payment is transfer by PC or Mobile only. Friends, you know that the government has complete control over a currency like our Indian Rupee and like Europe Dollar, but there is no such control on a crypto currency like bitcoin.

Government authority such as Central Bank or any country and agency has no control over this virtual currency. That is, cryptocurrencies do not follows the traditional banking laws, they can only transfer from one wallet to another wallet. It is not that only Bitcoin is a crypto currency but there are more than 5000 different cryptocurrencies. Read also- If you have transferred money to another account by mistake then take these steps

Best cryptocurrency in the World

Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, Libra Coin, Altcoint, Pi coin, Onecoin, you can invest and buy and sell easily like Bitcoin. Yes, Bitcoin is currently the most popular crypto currency. You will get an idea about Bitcoin popularity, that now many companies of the world have started accepting this bitcoin payment.

And the number of these companies will increase rapidly. In such a situation, everything can be done using Bitcoin. Gradually, but bitcoin is becoming a popular form of payment in India. The reason for this slow speed of crypto currency in India was to be legalized because crypto currency was banned by RBI.

But now in March 2020 the Supreme Court has removed this ban. That is, now the use of crypto currency in India has become legal and that is why the number of crypto currency users has started increasing in India as well. 

Our concept is that if you want to invest then invest in FD, mutual funds and gold, which is not wrong, but investing in this new currency of the new age has its own distinct advantages. See also- Instant loan provider apps

Advantages of using cryptocurrency

-In this, you can conduct transactions easily and quickly.

-This allows international transactions to be completed in a pinch.

-You have to pay a non-transaction fee.

-There is also no middle man and these transactions are more secular and confident.

Now tell me! Is Bitcoin an profit investment and after all Bitcoin is not a very new concept. Big companies like Facebook, PayPal, Amazon and Walmart are connected to crypto currency and Elon Musk who is the richest person in the world today. Personalities like Jack Dorsey, Mike Tyson and Kanye West also use crypto currency.

Countries like USA, China, Japan and Spain have the highest number of crypto currency users. Now after knowing so much that maybe you are thinking about investing in bitcoin, then let me tell you. See also- Paper less instant loan apps

Are cryptocurrency easy to use

Yes, using crypto currency is also very easy. This means that by using the CoinSwitch application, you can invest in Bitcoin in one click. You can buy and sell this. You will find it as easy as you purchase your favorite product from Flipkart.

This app has million users all over the world. But the question may come to your mind. Bitcoin will be expensive. In such a situation how can I buy, the good thing is that even though the price of one bitcoin is still increasing at 3200000 rupees or continuously. But by using this app, you can start your investment with just Rs.100 and you will not have to pay any transaction fees.

Here you should also know that the price of bitcoin varies rapidly according of his demand fluctuate in its price.

So friends, you should also know that while using crypto currency you have to remember that you can get a lot of profit in this, but it also has high ricks.

Therefore, before purchasing any crypto currency, do some research on it so that you will know how the performance of that crypto currency was last week. This will give you an idea of the profits and the fluctuations in this crypto currency so that your investment can be low risk and high profit.

How fast will crypto currency in the future spread in India and what will we be able to buy from it? This will only be known in the future. But now, if you want to use it wisely, you can get profit. Friends we have learned a lot about the crypto currency through the post, and GauGo hope that this post will be able to update your knowledge a bit and your It must have been helpful. So do like and share this post.

So friends, you know that how did you post everything about what is cryptocurrency and how is it used.

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