What is AutoCAD and how to learn it

Do you know what is AutoCAD and how to use it? If you are an engineer then you musk aware about AutoCAD. AutoCAD is a Computer-Aided-Drafting software program which uses in creating design blueprints of mechanical parts, bridges, buildings etc.

It’s a 2D and 3D Computer Aided Drafting software application which is especially designed for creating blueprints of architecture, manufacturing, and construction’s engineering plans.

what is autocad and how to learn it
All about AutoCAD

What is AutoCAD?

Full form of AutoCAD is Automatic Computer Aided Design. .dwg is the native file format of AutoCAD drawing. This software is especially designed for creating blueprints of architecture, manufacturing, and construction’s engineering plans.

It is also known as drafting software. This software was developed and marketed by Autodesk itself. AutoCAD was first launched in December 1982 as a desktop software.

It was ran by microcomputers with internal graphic controllers. Before release of AutoCAD, mostly CAD programs was ran in mainframe computers or minicomputers.

Every CAD user (operator) works separately in graphics terminal. In 2010, AutoCAD was released for mobile and web app which known as AutoCAD 360. Professionals who works on AutoCAD ware known as drafters.

History of AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a technical word derived from a program in 1977 and it was release as Interact CAD in 1979. Before this, it was named as MicroCAD in Autodesk Documents. First version of AutoCAD was initially demonstrated in Comdex in 1982 and later it was released in December 1982.

Best computer to use AutoCAD

Not only AutoCAD, all software comes under Autodesk Umbrella are resource intensive and therefor the need powerful computers to run. Because many things to be handle in AutoCAD like 3D modeling, civil and architectural tasks etc., due to which high performance computer system is necessary.

If you are an ordinary user or an AutoCAD student then you need minimum specifications PC but if you are multi-tasking person then you must go with high-end PC. In high end PCs, you can work lag-free and seamless which tends to increase in productivity.

List of computers systems for best suited for AutoCAD

  • 1.       MacBook Pro 15-inch
  • 2.       Razer Blade
  • 3.       HP ZBook Studio G3
  • 4.       HP ZBokk 17 G3
  • 5.       Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga
  • 6.       HP Spectre Pro 13 G1
  • 7.       MSI WT72 6QK
  • 8.       Lenovo ThinkPad P70

How to learn AutoCAD

AutoCAD is not small course. If you need full knowledge then you must join an institute or you can also refer to YouTube. Many YouTube channels guide you to operate AutoCAD.

how to learn autocad
How to learn AutoCAD

How many courses are related to AutoCAD?

AutoCAD haves many type of courses, it depends on you to select which type of course you are interested. AutoCAD courses divided according to expertise.

AutoCAD courses

  • 1.       Three months certificate program in “Advance course in CADD”
  • 2.       Two months certificate program in “AutoCAD”
  • 3.       Three months certificate program in “Advance AutoCAD course”
  • 4.       Two months diploma program in “Diploma in AutoCAD”
  • 5.       Two months postgraduate diploma program in “Master diploma in Architectural CADD”

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Some common AutoCAD courses list

Introductory AutoCAD course

Basic knowledge of AutoCAD's interface, menu options, toolbars and operational commands are provided to students in introductory courses. In this Courses students are given that opportunity so that they can observe how professional drafting projects are made and executed. With this, they are also educated about how to create their own 2D designs. Apart from this, basic skills are taught in drawing, editing, layering and plotting.

Intermediate AutoCAD course

After the first introductory instruction is in AutoCAD, students are provided with intermediate level AutoCAD skills training. It includes many things like hatching, dimensioning, cross-references, tables and block attributes. Students are introduced into AutoCAD 3D designs and are also taught drafting skills with the help of them to prepare themselves for advanced AutoCAD training.

Advanced AutoCAD course

Advanced AutoCAD courses mainly focus on 3D designs, in which navigation and modeling tools are also used to create 3D drawings to run it properly. Students learn many concepts in it such as lighting, mapping and solid-model creation. In the course, students are also trained about importing and scanning images of 3D models.

Graphics creating AutoCAD course

This is a course of graphics production in which it is demonstrated how to use AutoCAD in illustration and web design projects. Students are taught jointly with AutoCAD using other software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Impression software. Talking about skills, then training in correcting photographs, manipulating depth of field and creation of special effects etc. is given.

AutoCAD training programs

AutoCAD courses are also available in AutoCAD and Autodesk certificate programs. Students have to complete these training programs online or in a traditional classroom format. There can be only one comprehensive course in AutoCAD training programs that consists of progressive instruction from basic level to advanced skill levels. These training programs have to be completed during a specific period only.

Some of the most popular topics in AutoCAD that Engineers love most.

  • 1.       3D sketch and Boolean operations
  • 2.       3D parts, UCS, Boolean operation, Solid Editing, etc.
  • 3.       Creating & Editing Text
  • 4.       Equations, Design Table & Configurations
  • 5.       Introduction, Walls, Flanges, Bending
  • 6.       Design Center & Tool Palettes
  • 7.       Inquiry tools & Parametric Drafting
  • 8.       Surface Creation & Modification tools
  • 9.       Sketch Visualization & Sketch Analysis
  • 10.   Drafting Settings
  • 11.   Dimensions & Dimension Styles
  • 12.   Geometry & Dimensional Constraints
  • 13.   Sketch Entities & Sketch Tools
  • 14.   Block, W-block, X-attach & X-Ref

Engineering is necessary or not to use AutoCAD?

There is no need to have an engineering degree for AutoCAD. For this, you should only have the understanding of running a computer. If you have a little technical knowledge then you can easily run AutoCAD Software. By the way, if you have an engineering degree, then it will make it easier for you to run AutoCAD because it is already taught in the course of Engineering. Also you can help in some diagrams designs.

What is AutoCAD's career options

AutoCAD is most commonly used by drafters and other professions who focus more on design and construction. Let's know about some such career options that you can choose once you have learned to run AutoCAD properly.


Drafters prepare technical illustrations in which all engineering and manufacturing specifics are given importance to create any structure or a product. In this, the AutoCAD software program helps those drafters to develop and store technical drawing.

But in this too, a drafter should have knowledge of all those things, in which drafting techniques, manufacturing theory and engineering are prominent. One advantage that drafters get by using this AutoCAD software program is that it can drafter designs very quickly and can also bring variations if needed based on specific data.

 It is not at all unusual that a drafter will specialize in a particular area. For example, one of the specialties of a common drafter job may be civil, architectural, mechanical and aeronautical drafting. This Drafting Profession is one of the most growing profession and is needed all the time.


The task of architects is to present designs of architectures like buildings, houses, bridges, monuments. They work directly with clients so that they can fulfill all their needs and requirements. With this, they also develop the plans needed for construction. Most architects use AutoCAD only.

Interior Designer

Main work of an interior designer is to design internal appearance of a building. Also they have to focus on building codes and safety regulations. Mostly interior designers use AutoCAd because its easy to operates.

Commands list of AutoCAD                                             

F1 Display Help
F2 Toggle text screen
F3 Toggle object snap mode
F4 Toggle 3D Osnap
F5 Toggle Isoplane
F6 Toggle Dynamic UCS
F7 Toggle grid mode
F8 Toggle ortho mode
F9 Toggle snap mode
F10 Toggle polar mode
F11 Toggle object snap tracking
F12 Toggle dynamic input mode
Ctrl+d Toggle coordinate display
Ctrl+g Toggle Grid
Ctrl+e Cycle isometric planes
Ctrl+f Toggle running object snaps
Ctrl+h Toggle Pick Style
Ctrl+Shift+h Toggle Hide pallets
Ctrl+i Toggle Cords
Ctrl+Shift+i Toggle Infer Constraints
Ctrl+0 (zero) Clean Screen
Ctrl+1 Property Palette
Ctrl+2 Design Center Palette
Ctrl+3 Tool Palette
Ctrl+4 Sheet Set Palette
Ctrl+6 DBConnect Manager
Ctrl+7 Markup Set Manager Palette
Ctrl+8 Quick Calc
Ctrl+9 Command Line
Ctrl+n New Drawing
Ctrl+s Save drawing
Ctrl+o Open drawing
Ctrl+p Plot dialog box 
Ctrl+Tab Switch to next
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Switch previous drawing
Ctrl+Page Up Switch previous tab to current drawing
Ctrl+Page Down Switch next tab to current drawing
Ctrl+q Exit
Ctrl+a Select all objects
Ctrl+c Copy object
Ctrl+x Cut object
Ctrl+v Paste object
Ctrl+Shift+c Copy in clipboard with base point
Ctrl+Shift+v Paste data as a block
Ctrl+z Undo last action
Ctrl+y Redo last action
Ctrl+[ Cancel current command (or ctrl+\)
ESC Cancel current command
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