What is AMP | Advantages and disadvantages of AMP

Do you know what is Google AMP or what is Accelerated Mobile Pages and what is advantages and disadvantages of AMP. If you are using internet on mobile then you may have noticed that many websites have AMP Symbol in footer. Now we are going to explain what is AMP and why is it important for your website.

What is Google AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source project by Google, an HTML open-source framework developed by Google. AMP can turn any page into a mobile friendly page, so that you can deliver your content easily.

Do you know what is Google AMP or what is Accelerated Mobile Pages & what is advantages and disadvantages of AMP. We are going to explain what is AMP
What is google AMP

It is used as an application from which any page becomes mobile friendly. When you install the plugin on any website, it creates AMP pages in addition to all the canonical pages.

Due to which the AMP page opens instead of the Canonical page and it works faster. AMP uses JavaScript, HTML and Cache. It helps us to make any website user specific and despite having rich content such as videos, photos and audio, it takes less time to load the page.

It shows the user as much content as he gets his information and does not show additional content, which gives the user more time to read the content. Read also- How to earn money by Creating Micro Niche blog

How does AMP work

AMP Google supports in almost every browser, and it works in the open web. Using AMP, we can increase the speed and it helps us to make the website mobile friendly.

When a user uses it, when he opens any site, only the necessary content is shown in it and other things like article text, photos heading are ignored, it is also called AMP HTML which is an open source framework.

It compresses HTML, JavaScript and CSS and is also customized with JavaScript and CSS3, so that we only see the important content, if AMP is enabled on any website, it only shows the main content so that the page It does not take much time to load and this work is very fast. Read also- What is Page Rank

How to create Google AMP Pages

If you do not know how to set up AMP, then there is nothing to fear, you will learn how to set up AMP from the steps given below.

Step 1: Activate by installing Google AMP plugin in WordPress site, it is official plugin. After this install another plugin named Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Step 2: After activating the plugin, click on AMP on the left side of the WordPress, it will take you to the AMP setting page, where all the configuration will be

Step 3: Click on Appearance >> AMP to customize the AMP version of your site. Here the link color, Header Text Color and Header Background can be changed in the page.

Step 4: After all the settings, you click on the Save and Publish button.

Step 5: If you want to know whether your blog is AMP enabled or not, then go to any post on the website and add AMP at the end of the URL. If it opens, then your blog has Google AMP enable. Read also- What is SEO and why is it important

Types of Google AMP

You can use Google AMP to create three types of accelerated mobile pages: -

- Websites / Web Pages

- Ads

- Stories

Components of AMP: -

Accelerated Mobile pages provides a consistent and great experience to all users of the web by increasing the use of functionality components.

AMP three component information is given below



- AMP Email

How does AMP help make money

As we all know that websites make money through ads on their page, but these ads make the user experience poor and makes it difficult for the user to work on the website.

On the other hand, there are many ways to block ads blocker which have made it difficult to earn money. For many users, the main priority is to load the website, so they use ad blockers.

AMP can be used to block ad i.e. AMP can be used to earn money. This is sure to make good money on the mobile web. Read also- Is it necessary to invest money in starting of blogging

There are many Ad net that use AMP: these are called AMP-Ad-Extender.

- Google Doubleclick

- Adform

- Amazon a9

- Plista etc.

- AdReactor

- DotAndAds

- Flite

- Taboola

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