Before selling an old phone, take care of these few important things

Everyone uses a smartphone and when a new model comes in the market, we feel like buying a new phone. In such a situation, we sell our old smartphone online or at a retail store. But there is a risk of data leaking in this way. Today we will tell you some important things that will not leak your data. While selling the old phone, you must keep these tips in mind. See also- Tips to save your old smartphone battery

Tips to selling an old smartphone

Before selling an old phone, take care of these few important things

Logout Google ID

Whenever you sell your old phone, please logout Google ID. Your very personal information is attached to it. To logout go to user and accounts option. After this, you click on the option to remove. This way your account will be logged out.

Do data backup before selling the phone

If you want to protect your data from leaking then make sure to backup the data before giving it to someone. For this, go to Settings and click on the backup option. By doing this, every picture, document and video of you will be saved in Google Drive. Read Also- Trick to recover deleted photos

Must delete smartphone password

Delete the password from everywhere on your phone. Sometimes on saving an ID, we save its password. But if you do not remove all passwords, then your data can be misused. That is why go to the browser profile and choose the option to save password. Here you will see the password of every website. Click on the three dots next to them, here you will see the option to remove, click.

Factory reset smartphone

Now you have to follow this tip in the last. After logging out all IDs before selling the phone, factory reset the phone. For this, go to Settings and select the option of backup and reset. Reset phone will appear here, click on it. This will delete all your data. You may also like- Tips to buy refurbished phone

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