Tips to save your credit card and debit card from fraudsters

Nowadays everyone uses credit card and debit card. Though they are made for the convenience of the people, but credit card and debit card holders need to be vigilant, because through them your personal information can also be leaked and you can be a victim of fraud.

tips for credit card and debit card
Personal information of about 10 crore credit card and debit card holders is being sold

Important news for credit card and debit card holders

According to a recent report, the personal information of about 10 crore credit-debit card holders' cards is being sold on the dark web. Information sold on the dark web includes the full name, mobile number, email ID of the card holders and the first four and last four numbers of their card. It is being told that this personal information of users is being leaked from platforms like Amazon, Make My Trip and Swiggy. The data was leaked in August 2020, according to a Bangalore startup claim. Read Also- Read this before selling your old phone

It has been reported that the data of users whose transactions were between March 2017 and August 2020 has been leaked. The leaked data includes details of most Indian credit-debit cards. Leaked information includes the expiry date of the card, customer ID and scan card.

What you should do if you are a credit card and debit card holder

In such a situation, you need to know what to do in this situation. First of all, do not save your card whenever you make online payment on any site. If your cards are already saved there, delete them immediately. Apart from this, change the PIN of your debit and credit card as well. If the money is disappearing from your account, then contact your bank within three days and also file an FIR in the cyber station.

This is not the first time that users' data has been leaked. In the year 2019 also, information of about 13 lakh people cards was leaked. Those were sold on the Dark Web. After this leak, the Reserve Bank of India ordered all the concerned banks to investigate the matter. See Also- Follow these steps if you have transferred money in wrong bank account

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