8 smartphone myths which you believe to be true

List of myths about smartphones which you believe to be true

8 smartphone myths which you believe to be true
Smartphone rumors which you believe to be true


You must have heard many people say that the camera of such phone is great, because it has a 10,20 or 48 megapixel camera, while the truth is that the quality of the photo does not depend on the megapixel of the camera. Megapixels as well as things like aperture are also responsible for better photos. You may also like- Tips to buy best camera phone


Nowadays almost all smartphones launched in the market have the option of auto brightness. Auto brightness means that when you are in the sun, the brightness of the display will automatically be sharpened. Many people are of the opinion that keeping the brightness in auto mode drains the battery of the smartphone quickly, which is not true at all.


All the claims regarding the charging of smartphone battery are false. Smartphones should be charged only when the battery is completely depleted. First charge the phone and disconnect it with charger before using it. More mAh battery is good. Read also- Tips to save smartphone battery

Third party apps

Often you have heard that downloading the app from third party app store brings viruses in the phone, but you will be surprised to know that about 70 percent of the viruses in your phone reach the Google Play Store. This has been revealed in recent surveys conducted by NortonLifeLock and IMDEA Software Institute. The joint report of the two organizations says that the Google Play Store is the biggest source of transmitting viruses to your phone. According to the report, 67.2 percent of such apps from the Google Play Store are installed in phones that contain some kind of malware. That is, 67.2 apps downloaded from Google Play Store are malware carriers.


Some people may have advised you to charge the phone only with the charger comes with the phone. Do not use any other company's charger. This is completely baseless. You can also charge your phone with the charger of another company, but keep in mind that the charger capacity of another company is equal to the charger of your company's phone. Now Apple has stopped giving charger with the phone, so what will you do. See also- If your phone is charging slow, then follow these amazing tips

Background apps

Many people believe that the app running in the background of the phone should be closed, otherwise the battery runs out quickly and the phone hangs. There is no need to worry about this and neither is there a threat to stop running apps in the background. If an app is running in the background, then it will open fast and there is no problem of hanging in your phone.


Regarding the signal of the network appearing in the phone, many people are of the opinion that the more the signals are seen, the better the network is, while the truth is different. The quality of the signal depends on the decibel. Many times you must have noticed that despite having 1 signal, it talks comfortably and the phone is disconnected even if there are 5 signals. See also- What does nm means in processors

Overnight charging

You must have heard from many people's that the smartphone should not be put in charging for the whole night. By doing this, the battery of the phone deteriorates, while the truth is that the charger does not get current after full charge. In such a situation, you do not need to be upset.

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