Impact of WhatsApp's new privacy policy: 82% of Indian users are ready to leave WhatsApp!

The policy update of WhatsApp has become a problem for the company. WhatsApp had said in its new policy that it would share user's data with the company including Facebook. With this, Indian users are now keeping distance from WhatsApp. A recent survey has shown that only 18% of users in India can continue using WhatsApp. At the same time, 36% users have expressed the possibility that they will reduce WhatsApp usage significantly. Apart from this, 15% users have expected the app to be completely closed amid privacy controversy. Read also- Don't miss these features of Signal app

Impact of WhatsApp's new privacy policy: 82% of Indian users are ready to leave WhatsApp!
Impact of WhatsApp's new privacy policy

WhatsApp earlier gave 8 February date to people for its policy review, but now the company has increased it to 15 May. The company had said that the account of those who do not accept the policy by the time will be automatically deleted. After this policy update, apps like Signal and Telegram were downloaded by millions of people as an alternative to WhatsAppSee also- Why Signal app is better than WhatsApp

This survey conducted on WhatsApp has received responses from more than 24 thousand people. This has been revealed through Mashable's report. 24% users have reported that they are planning to switch to another instant messaging platform. At the same time, 91% users have informed that they will not use the payment feature of WhatsApp. These people anticipate that WhatsApp can share their payment and transaction related data with the parent company Facebook and other third parties. Read also- What is Telegram app

WhatsApp, however, has extended its policy update deadline from February 8th to May 15. According to a report by Mashable, Signal and Telegram received 1.3 million downloads between January 1 and January 5. Signal growth during this period has been 9,483%, while Telegram's growth has been 15%. At the same time, between 6 January and 10 January, WhatsApp's download growth has fallen by 35%. You may also interested in Real owner of WhatsApp

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