How to remove virus from phone

If you want to know if there is virus in phone and how to remove virus from phone then you must remain with us. Today I have brought you complete information about "How can I remove virus in my phone".

How do you know you have a virus on your phone
How do I remove spyware

Today, everyone has a mobile phone and everyone wants that I do not have any virus in my mobile. Because phone starts hanging if virus is there, which causes our phone to work slowly. If you want to avoid this, then you have to follow the steps I have mentioned.

How to remove viruses from mobile

If your phone working slow and you want to make your mobile fast, then first of all you have to find that your mobile virus is making it  slow or there is some other problem. Because some times lack of space causes phone hanging.

Friends, if you want to know about removal of mobile virus, then let me tell you if you are using any virus removal app then please uninstall this because there is no such app which can remove virus from your phone.

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If you talk about YouTube videos, then you will get thousands of videos which will tell how to remove the mobile virus, but all videos are garbage, all videos are made view counts only.

First of all, let me tell you that there is no virus in the mobile and even if it is, the mobile phone removes it. If you want to delete your mobile virus by installing an app, then you will get thousands of apps but all the apps are fake.

If your phone works slow and you want to fast mobile then you should do this work.

Increase mobile storage

By increasing the storage of mobile, your phone starts working somewhat faster, for this you have to go to my files of the phone and then go to internal storage and move all the videos, image, files to SD card. Or to delete the file without which are not in use. With this, your phone will start working fast. If it still does not, then you have to follow the second step.

Clear app data

If your mobile is not at all fast, then you must clear all the app's data once, so that the phone will be speed 2x. For this you have to go to mobile settings me and then in app setting.

  • Mobile> Settings
  • App> Settings
  • Click on Clear Data.

Remember, do not do all these applications like Paytm, Google pay, Phonepe. If you clear its data then you will have to create an account once again. If you remember id password then you can.

Don't use many apps in mobile

If you have a non-working app in your mobile, then you delete it immediately, this affects your phone ram, which makes our phone work slower.

And your phone has app with more MB and it is useful, then you can use it and uninstall it and when you have to use it, you can install it.

Friends, in this way we can increase the speed of your phone and make the phone fast. I hope that you have got good information about how to remove virus in phone, if you have any other question in mind, you can ask us.

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