How is an emergency call possible even if the mobile phone does not have a network?

A network is required for calling in mobile. If there is no network, then we cannot make calls from our mobile. Without a network, no mobile or smartphone can be properly used. Whether it is to run internet or to do text and call, it all depends on the network. But imagine how there is an emergency call feature in the phone even after the network disappears. Read also- How to get free internet

112 helpline number
How is an emergency call possible even if the mobile phone does not have a network

How is an emergency call possible even if the mobile phone does not have a network

As everyone is aware that mobile network is required if we want calling from our mobile. Similarly, emergency calls can also be made through the network. Even if there is no network in the phone, if a consumer puts an emergency number, then the signal from the mobile reaches the tower of any company, it is not necessary to make an emergency call to use signal of that the company of which you are a consumer. Emergency calls required any company signal, companies shares each other towers in emergency conditions. Thus emergency or emergency calls are possible. Read also- 5 tips to save smartphone battery

The SIM card contains our information which helps the phone to know from which network the phone is registered, along with this, all the calls are kept closed till the SIM card is inserted in the mobile which can cause the wrong usage of the phone. It also helps prevent money transfer fraud. But emergency calls are kept open by mobile manufacturer companies, so that during emergency calls, an attempt is made to call directly by not identifying the consumer. For this reason, calls can also be made without a SIM card. Read also- How to find your lost phone using EMEI number

Emergency calls without sim card

It is also pertinent to know that emergency calls can be made in some western countries such as the US and England without a SIM, because the mobile antenna is used to send and receive signals in these countries, here the SIM card Works just like a phone book. Currently this service is not available in India.

112 is a common emergency telephone number that can be dialed free from most mobile telephones to reach emergency services (ambulance, fire and rescue, police).

In some countries, calls to 112 cannot be directly connected, but are forwarded by GSM networks to local emergency numbers (such as 911 in the US, 999 in Great Britain, Hong Kong and Ireland, or 000 in Australia). Read also- What is 'nm' in smartphone processor

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