How to fix phone hanging

Although phones with strong processors and more storage have come on the market these days, but if you have an old phone and you are upset due to phone hanging, then this news is for you. You just keep these five things in mind. After this, you will see how your phone will start running smoothly. You may interested in- Tips to save phone battery

phone hanging
How to prevent phone hanging

Tips to prevent phone hanging

Delete unwanted data

Delete all the things that are not required in phone. Apart from this, go to the settings of the phone and click on storage, you will find the option of Cache data, also clear it. It should be done from time to time. Android phone holders can do this easily.

Use external SD card to install apps

If there are many apps in your phone, then it would be better if you transfer some of them to external memory. This will make space in internal memory. If you want, installing the app directly into external memory. Go to Settings and click on Storage, select SD card option there. This feature is only for those whose phones have both internal and external memory.

Save media data in SD card

Save songs, videos, pictures and other data in the external memory. If they are already in internal memory, then save them in the external memory. If you choose the external memory as the default memory, then it will automatically go into it and you will not have to work hard again and again.

Factory reset

Use factory reset option only after all methods have been adopted. This will remove all the data coming from websites, apps and browsers that are not needed. Since it deletes all apps, phone numbers, photos, songs, it should not be used normally, but if you are going to do it, then it is better to save everything else first. If you want, transfer to SD card.

Use cloud storage

Along with the phone, save all your important data on email, Google Drive or cloud. It will be safe for life and if the phone damaged or if something gets deleted then there will be nothing to worry about. After saving in the email, delete that data from the phone so that free pace is created.

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