FAU-G Game is launching on Republic Day of India

The 'Made in India' game FAU-G is finally ready to launch. The release of FAU-G game has been announced. It will be launched in India on 26 January. Along with the date of the game, its makers have also introduced its trailer, showing a glimpse of the Laddakh episode. In this, Indian soldiers are seen going against PLA Troops. For information, let us know that the FAU-G game was announced about 4 months ago. Its pre-registration started in November last year, and this game became so popular that within 10 hours of its pre-registration, about 10 lakh people had registered it. However, now the wait has been eagerly approved by the people and this FAU-G game is being launched on 26th January on the special day of Republic Day.

launch date of fau-g game
FAU-G launch date

Announcing the FAU-G launch date, Bangalore-based nCORE Games developers said that the much-awaited game app will be launched on January 26 and Android users will be able to download it from the Play Store only after launch. At the same time, no specific information has been received about when the military game will be uploaded on the Apple App Store. Read Also- Possible game play features of FAU-G Game

Awesome trailor od FAU-G game

The glimpse of the game shown in the trailer looks quite powerful. In this, Indian soldiers can be seen performing their valor at LAC in Ladakh at an altitude of 34.7378 degrees North 78.7780 degrees East and -30 degrees at an altitude of 14,000 feet. Also, a music is also heard in the background of the video.

Also, its graphics and animations look very premium. The military game will also have a glimpse of the Galvan Valley adjacent to the Indo-China border, where users will be able to give a befitting reply to the enemy by being part of the squad and protecting the border. See Also- How PUBG Mobile is Chinese game but PUBG PC game is not Chinese

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