How to save your account and money from fraud people on WhatsApp

People can hack your WhatsApp and misuse it. That is why it is important that you must careful. We are going to tell you how to avoid it.

How to save your account and money from fraud people on WhatsApp

WhatsApp OTP

This scam is known as WhatsApp OTP scam. Fraudsters are hacking WhatsApp through OTP. A message comes on your mobile number which will be from an unknown number. You are asked for an OTP by pretending to be an emergency. Emergency and panic, the hackers ask the user for an OTP and say that OTP has come to their number by mistake. You may also like- How to change WhatsApp number

whatsapp fraud
two step verification WhatsApp

Whatsapp can also be locked

In such a situation, if you believe in their words and send OTP, then hackers take advantage of it. This will give full access to your WhatsApp account to them. Not only this, your WhatsApp will also be locked. After which you will not be able to use it. Fraudsters can also miss your 

How to avoid fraud

The most important thing is that you do not give your OTP to anyone. Apart from this, keep a Two Step Verification on your WhatsApp. This will make your account very secure. You have to enable this option.

How to do Two Step Verification

To enable Two Step Verification in your WhatsApp account, you have to tap on the three dot (hamburger) icon given in WhatsApp. From here go to Settings and then click on Account. Here you will see the option of Two-Step Verification. You have to set a six digit code here. After enabling, you can backup it, so that you can recover it if you forget it. WhatsApp. Seel Also- How to use WhatsApp Disappearing Messages 

Benefit of two step verification

If you enable Two Step verification, it will make your account double secure. That is, if you have given OTP by mistake, then the hacker will also need a two-step verification code, which is only with you. That is why they will not be able to access your account. Read Also- How to check someones WhatsApp status without letting them know.

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