What is Jio Meet App

Jio Meet App has been launched by Jio, it is a video calling application, in which you can do video calling with many people at once! When the lockdown started due to Corona virus, all the work was done from home!

How to use jio meet app
Jio Meet App

In such a situation, many people had to postpone the very important meeting, but many people took the help of technology and started their meetings by making online video calls! In such a situation, the Zoom Calling App is downloaded a lot and it is being used very fast! In the middle of all this, Jio Meet App has also been launched for Video Calling! Read also- WhatsApp introduced 'Add to cart' button

What is Jio Meet App?

This is an Android application, with the help of this app we can do Video Calling with many people at once, everyone can easily connect with each other, and can have face to face conversations!

This application will launch for all the platform, it will be found on your Android phone's playstore and on the App Store for Apple phone! Also it will work on your computer too, you can run it easily on your Windows, Mac Os, and all platform! In this, you will get many features, which you may not find in any other application! You may also like- How to download YouTube vide

Jio Meet App Features

This is a great application come from the Reliance industry, you will find it on all the platforms, in this you get the Group Calling Feature, in which you can video calling up to 100 people simultaneously! It is much more than any other apps. 

Jio Meet has tied up with many educational platform, with the help of which you can run and read online classes as well on Jio Meet!

Here you will get the facility to record video call and also have security feature so that no one can break your privacy!

You can easily run it not only on the application but also on your Web Browser, for this you will not have to free up the space of your phone, you will be able to run it through the website too!

In this you will get a very powerful feature that you do not find in any application, in this you can adjust the video quality during video calling, you can set it according to the speed of your internet! See also- Secure your WhatsApp account and money from fraudsters

How to use Jio Meet App

It will be very easy to use it, you have to download its application, if you are an Android user, you will find it on Playstore and Apple user will find it on the apps store!

After that you have to open this application and you have to register, after that whenever you have to attend a meeting, you will get an ID and password of the meeting, which you can login and Attend that meeting! Read also- How to disconnect Instagram account from Facebook

Will Jio Meat be able to compete with Zoom Apps

There is already a lot of video calling application in the market, recently video room feature introduced in Facebook Messenger, with the help of it users can call video with many people at once!

Jio Meet can easily outperform the previously existing Zoom App, as the Home Ministry recently accused the Zoom App of data theft, which has since led many people to stop using it, because it Was stealing all data!

Jio has achieved a lot of success in a very short time, many of their applications are already available and many people are using them, and the trust of people on Jio is very high, so that it can compete with big players. You may also like- How to recover deleted photos in phone

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