How to book train ticket by IRCTC site without paying

Train ticket booking is quite an easy task, but sometimes it takes so long to make a payment during the booking that the seats are exhausted. Of course you too may have faced such problems many times. So, if you have faced this problem, we have brought this article in which we will tell you how to book a ticket without paying. Let us tell you about it. Read Also- Best safety apps for women.

train booking
Train ticket booking

Book railway ticket without paying

If you are not aware of this facility of railways, then we  tell you that there is a partnership between e-pay later (ePayLater) project between IRCTC and Arthashastra Fintech Private Limited for railway ticket booking and payment later. This gives the users the advantage that they can book the ticket without paying and can easily pay later. See also- Ways to book LPG cylinder 

Click on number 7

When you book tickets from IRCTC website, you see many options including internet banking for payment. Out of these, you have to click on the 7th number. The zipper would be written pay on delivery / PayLater. However tickets booked through this will be delivered to your home. You may also like- Recover deleted photos from android mobile

A ticket will arrive at the address

Click on this option. Later you will get the option of e-pay later. you will now be able to book tickets without paying. A ticket will arrive at your address within 24 hours of booking. But if you do not pay even in 14 days, then your account will be blocked and action can also be taken against you. Try also- Types of washing machines

Know these rules

Users of this facility will have to pay a service charge of 3.5 percent. Also, interest will be paid on payment after 14 days. But at the same time, if you pay within the fixed time i.e. 14 days, then your credit limit will also be increased.

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