WhatsApp features new custom chat wallpaper, know how to use

Facebook-owned social media app WhatsApp has finally launched its most dedicated feature. This feature is custom chat wallpaper. Users can now change the wallpaper for every chat with the help of this feature. This feature is inspired by hike messenger. Not only customized wallpapers but WhatsApp has rolled out many more fun features.

WhatsApp features new custom chat wallpaper

WhatsApp features

Talking about other customizations of WhatsApp, users can set different wallpapers for both normal and dark modes. Apart from this, the wallpaper can be doodled in different colors. Not only this, users can search for stickers through emoji and text. Apart from this, the company also recently launched its payment feature.

New features of WhatsApp

Always mute

WhatsApp introduced this features a few days ago. In this, you can keep someone's chat on mute forever. Due to which you will not get notifications.

Custom Chat Wallpaper

This feature has just been rolled out. In this, users can use separate wallpaper for different chats. Due to this feature, users will be able to Distinguish Chat.

Default Doodle Wallpaper

Now WhatsApp has also changed its default Doodle Wallpaper. With which these wallpapers will be available in different colors. Users can select these doodle wallpapers from dark or bright albums.

WhatsApp popular all over the world

WhatsApp is very popular in India as well as other countries. Right now WhatsApp has become the most popular and most used social media app. This is the reason that WhatsApp keeps adding new features to its users from time to time.

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