These two cool features of WhatsApp are quite fantastic

WhatsApp is useful for many important things for us. Whether to send a photo, send a video or tell a location to someone. All these works can be done easily on WhatsApp. We have been using WhatsApp for years, but there will still be many such features on WhatsApp that we may have never used them. So if you also use WhatsApp, then we are telling you about 2 great features, which will make many of your tasks easier. Read also- Shopping will be easier, "Add to Cart" button added on WhatsApp

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Keep an eye on your important messages

We get many important messages every day on WhatsApp, and many friends send us unnecessary messages as well. In such a situation, our important messages are lost many times. It is not possible to keep an eye on all the important messages.

In such a situation, you can 'starred' the messages you think are important. This will make it easier for you to find that message and there will be no need to scroll through the entire chat box. Stored messages are on the list together. So by using this feature, you get all the important messages immediately.

-To see the starred message, you have to press the three dot on the right side upwards.

-Here you will get the option of 'Starred Message'.

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Hide Last Seen on WhatsApp

Sometimes the last scene of WhatsApp makes it very difficult for us. So by hiding Last Seen, no one will know when you last came online. If you want to hide your last scene from your friends or relatives, for this you have to tap on the three dot icon above on WhatsApp.

-Here you will get the option of Settings, then go to Settings and go to Privacy on the option of Account.

-Here you will find the options of Everyone, My contacts, Nobody with the last scene. You can select any of them.

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