Facebook launches Collab app to compete TikTok

Now you can create short videos on Facebook's collab app. Yes, Facebook started testing for this in May this year and gave users beta access as a trial. Now the company has launched this Collab app. It is believed that Facebook's app will globally compete with TikTok.

TikTok Alternative collab app
Facebook Collab

In the collab app you can create and upload videos just like a TikTok. However, there is a big difference between the two apps. In Facebook's app, you can merge three videos simultaneously. Also, the uploaded videos will be visible to users on the Public Collab feed. Through Collab feed, users can watch any video. Read Also- How to disconnect facebook and instagram accounts 

Available for download

According to a report, the app has been made available on the Apple Play Store where it can be downloaded. Apart from this, Collab is also available on the Google Play Store for Android users. Currently, this short video creating platform app has been introduced for American users. Indian users will have to wait a little longer for this.

This year many Chinese apps including TikTok were banned after tensions in India and China. After TikTok, many short video creating apps including Moj, ShareChat were launched in India. Recently, there were reports of TikTok being banned in America as well. However, it has not been banned yet. The US government has also called TikTok a threat to users' data and privacy. See also- Youtube launches Short app as a TikTok alternative

Instagram Reels

Facebook-owned app Instagram launched Instagram reels for users after TikTok was banned in India. This feature was rolled out worldwide along with India. Videos created by Instagram Reels also appear in Facebook feeds from where users can access these videos.

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