DigiBoxx: Government of India launched Made in India storage platform

Everyone uses cloud service to store their data. Recently Google has announced that now from 21 June 2021 you will not be able to upload unlimited free photos. Of course, this announcement will increase the problems of the users. But in such a situation, Indians do not have to worry. NITI Aayog has launched the Made in India Cloud Service. Read also- Cloud service of Google: Google One

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Made in India Cloud Service DigiBoxx

Now made in India cloud service

The name of this cloud service is DigiBoxx. Although it was to be launched on August 15. The government has kept DigiBoxx prices quite affordable. The special thing is that data will now be safe for Indians. Explain that DigiBoxx can currently be accessed on the web. Its service will be launched soon for Android and iOS. See also- How to book train ticket without payment

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DigiBoxx: Made in India Cloud Service

How to use DigiBoxx

You must create one of your IDs on this app. After which you can store your data. Also you will be able to share your data with others. Let us know that DigiBoxx is equipped with many features like on-demand, real time access and editing. DigiBoxx supports all formats. You will be able to share DigiBoxx files through InstaShare. You may also like- Write in Hindi language in PC with the help of Google Hindi Input Tool

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Fee for DigiBoxx

You have to pay only 30 rupees per month to get its service. In which you will be given a storage option of 5 TB and will get the opportunity to upload files up to a maximum of 10 GB. At the same time, if you want DigiBox's service free, then you will get up to 20 GB of storage. Read also- Tips to download YouTube videos

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Fee for DigiBoxx

50 TB storage facilities for Rs 999

Apart from this, you will be able to upload files up to 2 GB maximum. In this you can also connect your Gmail. Also, in the plan of Rs 999, you will get 50 TB of storage and the maximum size for uploading files will be 10 GB. It can provide access to 500 people. See also- Tips to edit photo easily

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