These mobile apps are safety shield for women

Some selected apps on Google Play Store, which will help you in case of emergency.

Safety of women has become an important issue in today's time. Incidents of molestation and crime of women have increased rapidly over the years. So there is a need that whenever women get out of the house, they should have security arrangements, because they have to face some kind of trouble on the next day. So today we will tell you about some selected apps on the Google Play Store, which will help you in the time of an emergency.

best women's safety apps android
Girl safety apps

Let's take a look at these girls safety apps

1. Damini:

If this app is in your mobile, then the message will be sent to your registered numbers through it at the time of any threat. Your GPS location will also go to these numbers in a short time. Not only this, once the app is activated, it also starts taking photos of the place and sends them to the registered numbers, as well as saving it on the cloud. After this, even if the mobile phone is turned off or broken, video and call details can be removed from the mobile.

Platform: Android

2. Circle of 6:

Although it is specially designed keeping college-going students in mind, it can prove to be useful for all women. In case of any problem, the message of help will be passed on to your friends with just one tap. This app is also available in Hindi and there are already feed in the helpline numbers of Delhi.

Platform: Android

3. bSafe:

With the help of this app you can alert the family member or close people in the event of a crisis. In this, the numbers of family members or close people have to be fed, which if needed press the button, the message will send. Also, the call will automatically dial. By turning on its risk mode, you can share your GPS location with the given number.

Platform: Android, iOS

4. Scream Alarm! :

The simplicity of this app is its specialty. This is a loud sounding app. In case of any kind of danger, you can make a loud sound like a woman scream by pressing a button. This sound alerts the people around.

Platform: Android

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5. SafetyPin:

This is an attempt to ensure women's safety in a special way. This is a platform where people give information about such places in their area, which are not safe for women. People can share pictures of those places on this app and rate them in terms of safety. The app also helps to know which place is not safe at night or at any time of day.

Platform: iOS, Android

6. SmartShehar Woman Safety Shield Protection:

Pictures can be taken from this app. As soon as you press the emergency button, the location information with that picture will be passed to the previously selected emergency contacts. If you lost your phone before sending it, don't worry. The app will send all the information automatically in a few seconds. With the 'Walk with Me' feature, pre-determined people will be able to track your movements in real time.

Platform: Android

7. VithU: V Gumrah Initiative:

This can be activated by pressing the phone's power button, so that the messages I have already set for emergency "I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location" will keep sending messages every 2 minutes with the updated location.

Platform: Android

8. Suspects Registry - FOR WOMEN:

It also tracks location. On pressing the panic alarm button, the emergency contacts will get information about your location with 1 minute recording. The "Record Any Incident" feature uploads photos to the app's Facebook page.

Platform: Android

9. Pukar-A Personal Safety App:

SMS alerts keep going with GPS location at some time near the pre-determined emergency contacts. During this time, no sound is received from the phone and the brightness of the screen is also low.

Platform: Android

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10. Women Safety Help Totem SOS:

In this, modes can be selected according to the threat level. Choose green if you feel safe. When you are unable to decide, choose yellow, this will only pass your GPS location to the pre-decided contacts at some point. The red mode will dial 100 numbers, your location will go to the emergency contacts. Apart from this, the app will take pictures every 10 seconds and will record audio.

Platform: Android

11. Raksha - Women Safety Alert:

With this, just pressing the volume button will go to your location emergency contacts. Where there is no mobile internet, calls will go to 100 numbers and SMS will send.

Platform: Android and iOS

12. iGoSafely - Personal Safety App:

Once activated, it will alert your contacts when the phone is flipped or headphones are removed. Email and text messages will go away with GPS location. Until it is closed, updates will keep going every minute. Each alert message has GPS location, street address (if available) and 30 second audio recording.

Platform: Android

13. Smart24x7-Personal Safety App:

It sends information of emergency alerts to emergency contacts, which also contains audio recordings and photos of that condition. They are also sent to the police. Its call center and user's primary contact movement can be tracked.

Platform: Android, iOS, 

14. Women Safety Secured:

This app takes shouting as a danger signal and sends location and text messages to emergency contacts.

Platform: Android

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15. Women's Safety App:

This app has a 'shake and alert' feature, which will trigger an alert to emergency contacts when the phone is shaked after turning on. This alert does not automatically go away when the phone is hit, so you can also decide the intensity of the blow.

Platform: Android

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