What is the refresh rate of a smartphone? Know its advantages and disadvantages

When we buy mobile, we pay attention to the screen size and panel of the phone. But since last year, the importance of refresh rate of the screen has also increased. Because the smartphone maker companies are now focusing on the refresh rate as well. Today we will tell you about the display refresh rate.

Which phone has the highest refresh rate
How do I know the refresh rate of my phone

What is refresh rate

Whenever you see something on a mobile or TV screen, there is a technique for it - render. The process of render is the refresh rate. That is, the number of times images and graphics can be rendered in 1 second is the same refresh rate for that display and the scale to measure this refresh rate is known as Hertz. You may also like- If your phone is charging slow, then follow these amazing tips

60 Hz, 90 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rates

Earlier the phone used to have a 60 Hz refresh rate i.e. graphics or images are being refreshed 60 times in 1 second. Similarly there are 90 Hz and 120 Hz. With the changing times, companies are now offering a refresh rate of 120 Hz in the phone. Which means that the hardware of these phones refresh a frame 120 times in 1 second. That means two times more than an ordinary phone. Read Also- What to do if the phone falls in water or gets wet in the rain

Benefits of high refresh rate

Smooth display, better scrolling, stable play back, better gaming experiences, clear graphics. Overall, the faster the frames are rendered, the smoother the display will be, which will give a better viewing experience. Though you will see less difference in the downloaded video, but when you stream the video or play games with heavy graphics, then it will be clearly understood. Read Also- 5 tips to save smartphone battery

Losses of high refresh rate

Displays with higher refresh rates also have some disadvantages. For example, high battery consumption. Some apps and games do not support 90 or 120 Hz refresh rate. You may also like- 5 must know facts about buying a refurbished mobile phone

Which refresh rate is beneficial

If you only do calling, messaging and web surfing in mobile then the refresh rate of 60 Hz is enough. 90 Hz is better if you use it for gaming. At the same time, if you play heavy games or more games, then take a display phone with 120 Hz refresh rate display.  Read Also- Wi-Fi speed is very low; How to know who is using your Wi-Fi

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