Shopping button in WhatsApp, now shopping will be done in one click

The social media platform has rolled out several features one after the other for the last few consecutive years. In this episode, WhatsApp is also going to add a shopping button. The company believes that it will benefit the businesses and increase their sales.

WhatsApp Shopping button
WhatsApp Shopping

Shopping button will come on WhatsApp

After the arrival of this new feature of WhatsApp, users will also see the shopping button near the business WhatsApp accounts profile. These normal WhatsApp account users will be able to see in the Business WhatsApp account. WhatsApp recently reported that around 175 million people exchange messages with their WhatsApp business account. Read Also- WhatsApp trick: You can check someone's WhatsApp status without letting them know

In addition, around 40 million users view the business catalog on the app every day. According to WhatsApp, this shopping button will be rolled out worldwide. This will be placed in place of the voice call button in the business account. Read Also- WhatsApp secret and awesome trick, listen to audio silently without earphones 

How to use shopping button

You have to go to a business account to use the shopping button. This account can be of anyone from whom you have taken any product or any other business service. You will have a shopping icon show in Business account. You have to tap on it. After which you will be able to see the catalog of the product offered by that business. Read Also- Advance Search feature rolled out in India for WhatsApp users

It is worth noting that WhatsApp is on the way to becoming a super app. Earlier the app introduced WhatsApp Pay in India. With which you can make UPI based payment. Apart from this, WhatsApp is working on the launch of many unique features for its users. Facebook company is continuously adding many special features in WhatsApp.

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