How to schedule WhatsApp message on Android

If you want to schedule some messages on your WhatsApp, then there are some ways of doing this, although some people are not going to like these methods because they require some third party apps, but if you do not worry about it then today we are going to tell you how you can schedule messages on Android through WhatsApp. Read Also- How to show and hide apps in Redmi phones

how to schedule whatsapp
how to schedule whatsapp messages on android

Like we have just told you that if you do not want to use any third party app, or in any way do not want to give your data to any third party app, then you should wait to get  this feature officially from WhatsApp, although for those who want to use this process, then we have brought a good way for them today. So let's not start too long and tell you how you can schedule WhatsApp messages. Important News!! Google to shut down certain gmail accounts next year

How to schedule WhatsApp message on Android

-For this, you have to download SKEDit App.

-Now when it comes in your phone, you need to open this app and create an account in it.

-Now after signing in, you have to select WhatsApp, it is going to appear in a list, after that you have to tap on WhatsApp once again.

-After that you need to give this app a permission, after which it can access your phone.

- Now you have to return to the app.

-Now you will have to add the person here, now you have to write the message and after that you have to enter the time for which you want to schedule it.

-After this, you are going to see a toggle, which will ask you, ‘Ask me before sending’. Now here you can either turn it on, or even leave it off, it depends entirely on your will. 

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