How to recover all deleted photos

Often while cleaning data from our phone, we also delete some important photos or documents. If this happens to you too, then we are going to tell you its solution. You can recover deleted photos from some tricks.

How to back my deleted photos
Recover photos that were deleted

Steps to recover all deleted photos and videos

Check Recycle Bin 

You must have seen the recycling bin on the computer. Where there is deleted data that you can restore later. Although old Android phones did not have this option, but nowadays the phone has the option of recycling bin. That is why first of all, you should check it and whatever data you have to recover, you can do it from there. Read Also- What to do if the phone falls in water or gets wet in the rain

Google Photos

Apart from this, keep the back up feature in your phone on. With this, all your photos are saved in Google Photos. If you delete the photos from your gallery, then they remain on your Google photos. From where you can save them back to your phone or PC. Read Also- If your phone is charging slow, then follow these amazing tips

Recuva Software

If your photos were saved on the microSD card, then you can recover the photos with the help of third party app. For this, you have to install Recuva software on your PC. After this you have to open and run Ricuva Wizard. Many options will come as soon as next. You have to select what you want to recover. Read Also- These five cool features make your smartphone even more smart

Disk Digger

If the photos were in your phone memory then you can recover them with the help of Disk Digger photo recovery. Download and run it in the phone. This app is also available for free. You can recover photos, videos through it. When it is scanned, the list of all deleted photos and videos will come on the screen. You have to select and recover. In addition, recovery photos and videos will be available in your phone's gallery. Read Also- 5 tips to save smartphone battery

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