Tips and tricks to edit photos easily

If you get confused by seeing so many editing options, then edit the photo with the help of this tutorial. We are going to tell you some simple photo editing tips today.

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photo editing tips

How to edit photo like pro

1. Fix the white balance

First of all, it is very important to correct the white balance of your photo. That's why manually adjust the white balance first. So that the color of the picture becomes brilliant. 

2. Shadow and highlights details must be recovered

Highlights mean the lightest area in your picture and shadow means the darkest area. If any of these are white and black, the picture is not correct. For this, you have to use the "Highlights" and "Shadows" tools of your editing app. With the help of slider you can create a perfect picture. If the shadows and highlights are correct, the picture will look better. Read Also- These five cool features make your smartphone even more smart

3. Croping photos

If other objects fall in the background of the photo, then they spoil the photo. In such a situation, if your photo frame is also damaged, then you can crop. That is why instead of zooming the photos, you follow the option of crop only and the quality of the zoom deteriorates. Read Also- Tips to save smartphone battery

4. Straighten pictures

If your picture does not fit the straight line. So go to the rotate option to correct its alignment. By which the photo can be straightened by following just a few fingertips. Read Also- Find your lost mobile phone by IMEI number

5. Boost colors with vibrance for skin tone

If you do not follow this tip, then definitely do it now. Go to Vibrance option in the Settings of the editing app. Which will give a color boost to the skin tone. In most phones, this option looks like a slider. This normal looking option can add life to your photo. Read Also- 5 must know facts about buying a refurbished mobile phone

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