How to search on Google Part-2

In previous article we explain you  How to search on Google, its the second part of it. 

How to search on Google

1. Use of Define:

To know the meaning of a word, search by typing Define before that. Example: Define: charas

2. Screen will be crooked:

Write Tilt on Google and see miracles. Your Google screen will be crooked. You can wait in front of friends and challenge them to do so. This is a fun utility written by Google Engineers.

3. Games in Google Image:

You must be thinking that the pictures appear in the Google image, how the game will play here. But you can play a particular game directly in Google Image. Search Atari Breakout in Google Image and enjoy the game.

4. Find Photos Using Pictures:

Suppose you have a picture and you can search another picture like that. Upload your photo with the camera button, after this you will be able to see similar images of it.

5. Toss without a coin:

If you do not have a coin, Google will help you. Type flip a coin or heads or tails in Google searchbox.

6. Mike in the Google search bar:

Turn on and say, give me a love quote or I love you. A lot of results of love quotes will open in front of you.

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